Antonio David Flores, “booked” in the BOE for violating traffic regulations

Antonio David Flores, “booked” in the BOE for violating traffic regulations

The Central Traffic Headquarters is looking for him to deliver a complaint

As explained by the journalist Jorge Moreno in the program “It’s eight o’clock,” presented by Sonsoles Ónega, the Central Traffic Headquarters is looking for Antonio David Flores to deliver a complaint for breaking the Traffic regulations.

For this reason, he has been forced to make the fine public in the Official State Gazette (BOE), given the impossibility of contacting him.

The former television collaborator will have to face a penalty of 300 euros and two points less on the driving license for going “faster than allowed”, as explained by Moreno.

The offense occurred last August, in the Madrid town of San Sebastián de los Reyes, where the collaborator has an attic in which he lived for years.

His fine has been disclosed in the BOE of last October 6, “With the aim that Antonio David can pay it, or take a resource,” they report from the Telecinco program.

For now, the open file is still published in the BOE. It is a vehicle they own, they point out from Ónega’s evening program, although “we don’t know if he was driving that vehicle or if it has been paid or appealed, but to this day, that fine is still published in the Official Gazette ”, added Jorge Moreno.

“That is to say, who owes it”, the presenter has sentenced.

The collaborator Rosa Benito, for her part, added that “to take away two points, had to have gone at a very high speed”.

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