The new collection that Kanye West has created for GAP in collaboration with Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, went on sale on July 21 online and in the store that the American brand has in Times Square, New York , where the entire second floor was renovated to offer a unique and unforgettable shopping experience.

Fans of the rapper who were itching to get their hands on his famous $300 sweatshirt had to rummage through piles of clothes in an environment he recalled of a thrift store. The concept was not a temporary experiment and has apparently stuck to expanding outlets to other cities, such as Houston, Texas, though not everyone understands exactly what Ye intends to do.

Several images have gone viral on social networks showing huge garbage bags full of T-shirts, jeans and hoodies still placed on the floor in the New York store. These ‘disaster’ bins seem even more out of place because the rest of the store is organized in the traditional way. Apparently, one of the employees confessed to one of the customers that the musician would have been furious when they hung the clothes on hangers after the initial launch was completed. Another user maintains that in Houston, Texas, the same thing has been done.

A few days ago Ye assured that his greatest inspiration when designing was homeless people, and the criticism that is raining down on him focuses precisely on the dubious morality of ‘playing poor’, or at least appearing so, both with your designs as with the way you sell them. He already did something similar in 2017 in a photographic report that he starred in with his then-wife Kim Kardashian and his children in a humble house very different from the mansion in which they actually resided.

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