The image that Grimes has cultivated throughout his career has always been related in one way or another to mythological beings from the elf family. Her digital avatar is a warrior nymph named WarNymph and at the last Met gala she donned silver pointy ears inspired by the Dune novels.

The singer would love to have some of flesh and blood, so she has asked through Twitter if anyone else has done this body modification to ask for opinions. What scares him the most is the idea of ​​cutting the cartilage, which is an area that takes a long time to heal and would therefore need stitches.

“As music, intervention seems especially risky to me, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life,” she added. She also finds a dental cap specialist in the Austin or Los Angeles area to make her one with vampire fangs.

A couple of years ago, Grimes made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to alter the natural shape of her ears, but she changed her mind at the last minute. She has now reconsidered the possibility of doing it and has also asked for suggestions on other alterations that could suit her, although she has warned that she will not touch her nose under any circumstances.

“I’m sorry if it’s strange to talk about this publicly, but it seems unhealthy to me that everyone hides the changes they make to their bodies in the media, and then people feel ashamed about it,” she said to explain why she has decided to speak openly on this subject.

Elon Musk, from whom she parted ways after welcoming their second child together through surrogacy, belongs to the group of those who she believes should not take risks with an unnecessary operation.

“The disadvantages of elf ear surgery probably outweigh the advantages,” the Tesla founder replied. She has not taken his opinion badly and has recognized that she was probably born in the wrong time, before gene editing became a reality within everyone’s reach.

“To be honest, this sounds like a job for CRISPR,” she has acknowledged, referring to the families of DNA sequences found in bacteria that allow sections of DNA to be removed and replaced in the cells of any organism.

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