Jessica Bueno shows off her abs in her first (and spectacular) bikini pose

Jessica Bueno has left us open-mouthed with some spectacular photos in the pool in which she shows how fit she is.

Jessica Bueno Bikini Pose

Jessica Bueno Bikini

Jessica Bueno’s Bikini Pose

Jessica Bueno is taking a break in Menorca before officially starting the summer. The model has traveled to the island with her boyfriend Pablo Marqués. A relationship that has been consolidating in recent months and which we have witnessed through the many signs of love that they dedicate to each other in public. And now that they have spent a few days on the coast we can safely say that they make a great couple.

Jessica Bueno Bikini Pose

Jessica Bueno Bikini Pose

Jessica Bueno’s Spectacular Bikini Pose Reveals Toned Abs

“My summer starts here. It is inevitable to think about the plans we will make this summer. Renting a caravan and touring the coast. Choosing songs that will make us fly on the trip. Get off at any beach on a Monday or Thursday. I just want to see you happy”, with these beautiful words Jessica declared to her boy. Both have one thing in common: they have let us see their toned abdomen. And is that Jessica, for example, works hard every day, taking care of both food and her relationship with sport, so she is very fit. Attentive:

Jessica Bueno surprises with a super worked belly and a bikini of the latest trend.
The model has given us several pictures in which she compiles images of her weekend of love. In all of them, Jessica poses with a green triangle bikini that reveals her toned belly and her spectacular physical shape. While we know the sports routine she follows and also what she eats daily to get the marked ‘no pack’ of which she boasts.

The Andalusian woman takes care of herself. And she has always done so, but this year she has put the batteries with strength training, abdominal …. Jessica leaves nothing for later and has been working out hard in recent months.

Some of her favorite basics? Planks, weighted squats, medicine ball exercises, boxing sessions. She also mixes sport with an eating plan guided by Begoístas, a philosophy of life, which aims to reset the body, improve digestion, reduce bloating, lose weight, improve skin condition and achieve emotional balance. All this through a weekly menu that the model receives at home on Saturdays, to start with the plan on Sunday.

A constancy that, as we can see, has paid off. And is that she is so into the healthy lifestyle that she has stated on several occasions that she feels in one of the sweetest stages of her life.

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