Silvina Luna has been hospitalized since Thursday: “The road to transplant begins”.

The actress, who suffers from kidney problems, underwent a biopsy to detect the bacteria affecting her and uploaded a video from the Italian Hospital.

Silvina Luna has been hospitalized since Thursday

Silvina Luna has been hospitalized since Thursday

In the midst of the dramatic situation Silvina Luna is going through as a result of the health problems derived from the operation she underwent with Dr. Aníbal Lotocki in 2011, a glimmer of hope seems to have appeared. The actress, who as a result of the injection of biopolymers in her buttocks by the doctor ended up with hypercalcemia and kidney failure, must undergo dialysis three times a week. She is also awaiting a kidney transplant. However, her illusion of having a life similar to the one she had before falling into the hands of the man who was sentenced by the Oral and Correctional Court N°28 of the City of Buenos Aires to four years in prison (and 5 years of disqualification to practice medicine) for the crime of serious injuries in a case that was initiated jointly with Stefy Xipolitakis, Gabriela Trenchi and Pamela Sosa, was complicated some time ago as a result of a bacterium.

Silvina Luna Hospitalized

Silvina Luna Hospitalized

“To get on the waiting list for a transplant, first I have to overcome a bacterium that is going around my body. I have to think of it as one step at a time…. If I think about everything I have to face, I get very anxious”, said the former Gran Hermano in an interview with LAM at the end of May. And she added: “My relatives offered to donate me a kidney. There is still a long way to go and I don’t want to get ahead of myself. First I have to be on Incucai’s list. One of the people who offered was my brother, but I still don’t want to talk about it. I know he is there, but everything depends on many things”.

However, on Monday afternoon, Silvina shared a video from the Italian Hospital, where she has been hospitalized since last Thursday, and gave a hopeful message. “Hello friends, look where I am: I’m in the dialysis room”, she started saying while panning the place with the camera of her cell phone, with the surgical cap and the chinstrap on for the procedure.

And then he explained: “I guess I’m going home tomorrow. I came to the hospital because the results of the mycobacteria biopsy came out and, finally, it was possible to detect which are the specific remedies I have to take. There are two of them, so I am trying them now, hospitalized, to see if I can tolerate them and if everything is all right. For now, everything is perfect, so I am happy with that”.

Silvina, who never gave up despite the adversity, was happy with what is to come from this moment on. “I have already started another path that has me excited, which is the path to fight this bacteria and the path to the transplant. I wanted to tell everyone who is there waiting, those who ask me and those who send me prayers and words of affection. So thank you and we are still there, with strength. I urge everyone who is in a similar situation not to give up,” concluded the actress.

It is worth remembering that Luna had to do a lot of internal work to be able to face this situation. “There are moments of acceptance and moments when I wake up and say ‘I’m living a nightmare’. But I’m here, firm, standing up, I’ve always been a person to get ahead. I always have relapses. It’s more the good moments that I look for in the day to day, look for moments of joy, that makes me very well,” he confessed.

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