Nagore Robles shows the food that helps her get deflated for summer

Nagore Robles eats healthy every day and her body has undergone a very interesting change in recent years. Do you want to know what foods help her stay in shape? Keep reading!

Having a magazine body and toned is what we all want. But sometimes unforeseen events arise that make this not possible. With the help of Nagore Robles we discover what we can do to stay in shape.

Nagore Robles

Nagore Robles

Diet, beauty treatments, slimming creams, personal training at the gym? Everything we can imagine in the world of slimming has been invented. But do you really know where to start? In recent years, we give more and more importance to our image and many of us wonder what we can do to lead healthy habits. One of the key points is nutrition. But it is not the only thing to take into account, exercise, rest, stress management is also important.

To start today we want to show you what Nagore eats to stay in shape. Because, remember, food has a fundamental weight in our lives.

Nagore Robles instagram story

Nagore Robles instagram story

Gazpacho, omelette, mushroom and avocado, the foods that Nagore Robles eats and serve to deflate the abdomen.
In this article, in addition to mentioning the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we want to focus more on giving you practical information, so you know what to eat to start a healthy lifestyle. First of all, say goodbye to ultra-processed foods, try to opt for healthy foods as Nagore does.

The ‘influencer’ has revealed what she eats to stay in shape: a plate with omelet, mushrooms, avocado and a glass of gazpacho. So simple and healthy, because all the foods in this dish are potentially healthy for our body. The egg omelet, for example, is very low in calories and has a lot of protein, which is essential for the proper functioning of tissues, especially muscles and bones, which is why it is a very common food among athletes. As for mushrooms, a source of vitamins B and D as well as minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and iron, they are a great ally when it comes to losing weight because they create a feeling of satiety and reduce appetite.

For its part, avocado is one of the star foods for beautiful hair and nails. It also promotes good energy. In addition, it is considered one of the superfoods, of vegetable origin, that most favor intestinal transit, which prevents constipation.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the king of summers: gazpacho. We love it because it has a high fiber content and very, very few calories, about 85 calories per glass, which makes it a cleansing and detox option. It is also refreshing and ideal for the hot months.

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