On many occasions we have seen the photoshoots by Alexa Dellanos, the american model who continues to strive so that her Internet fans have a great time watching her on their cell phone or computer screens.

On this occasion we will present a new photoshoot, one with a futuristic style, purple neon colors and others, in addition to an outfit that seems to be sporty but with a rather peculiar design, it seems that it is what is going to be used a few years later.

But it is not so strange for us to see that the influencer make this kind of forays into the world of fashion because we know that she likes to stand out and of course also innovate, using interesting garments like these that are called tech-wear, a sweatshirt with many closures, with a lot of utilities that has become a trend in social networks.

That is why Internet users noticed how well the type of clothing goes with her, giving her a “like”, rescuing the piece of entertainment in a fan profile and, above all, enjoying the fact that she remains committed to her followers.

Of course, she was very well made up, combed and with a winning attitude, an excellent way to keep the attention and the pleasure of the users to see her, communicating with them and also showing that she is grateful to them for all the support.

Her mother is Myrka Dellanos, a famous communicator from the United States who focuses on news for Spanish-speakers in that country, which is why many thought that perhaps she is a young Influencer to follow these steps, but it seems that she likes it more blaze your own trail.

Alexa Dellanos has many colleagues in the field, a large majority of them have become good friends and also share her great taste for content creation, fashion and other aspects that Influencers appreciate, such as good brands.

This type of content will continue to reach her official profile where she already has 10 million followers, her conquering look and her serious face are distinctive, which is why many of her admirers cannot stop watching her on their computer or cell phone screens, sharing with some of her contacts so that they could also appreciate it.

We will continue to invite you to stay on Show News, where we will continue to inform you about other interesting models, show news, entertainment and much more.

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