A few days ago the actor T. J. Miller revealed in an interview that he would never work with Ryan Reynolds (with whom he shared credits in two films of the saga of “Deadpool”) because he caused a retake to make a fool of himself in front of the production team.

Now Miller has reported that he reconciled with the Canadian actor, arguing that it was all due to a “misunderstanding”.

Interviewed on the show “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show” Miller said that after his statements Reynolds contacted him via e-mail, to which he replied and they were on good terms.

He added that the press misrepresented the information: “It was just me telling a story that happened on set that I thought was crazy. Nothing more. It is a big problem that I have, not thinking about the repercussions that there will be for saying this or that.”

TJ stressed that he was not sorry for what he said: “I didn’t think I said something so negative. I feel bad because he was surely misunderstood. He’s so funny, which I’ve always held, and he’s so amazing in those movies and that was it, you know?”

The actor did not report if this change in attitudes made his participation in the movie “Deadpool 3” possible, and Reynolds has not made a public statement about the reconciliation.

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