The purchase of AC Milan by Red Bird Capital has given the Italian Serie A soccer team much more participation in the United States, this because the company that acquired it is American. As a result, even the team already has Sergiño Dest, a player for the United States National Team.

However, this is not all that the company is doing with the Italian team, because now it was seen how it included baseball and soccer by uniting another of its teams, New York Yankees.

Through social media, it was learned how the Italian team is seeking to enter the United States, something that could be very easy due to its greatness and how soccer has grown in the country.

But this is not all, because the jerseys of the milanista team are present in the official store of the Yankees Stadium in order to help fulfill the objective that Red Bird has.

Also, on the other side of the coin, The same will also be done at the Rossoneri’s home, that is, the New York team’s jersey will be in the San Siro store, Milan’s stadiumwho in the coming weeks will feature merchandise from the New York team.

Jointly, Tony Bruno, vice president of the MLB franchise explained the idea of ​​both teams to associate in this way and assured that in the future they will seek to collaborate with new collaborations.

“Aligning the Yankees with AC Milan, an internationally recognized club loved for its history of national and European success. It unites two entities that strive to represent the best in sporting achievement. Additionally, creating a strong partnership between the two teams perfectly complements our desire to engage both sports fans and style-conscious consumers in markets around the world.”

We couldn’t be more excited to begin this union and look forward to working with the Rossoneri commercial team on collaborative efforts and initiatives that celebrate the excitement fans feel when they cheer on our clubs,” added the manager of the New York franchise.

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