Camila Fernández tests positive for Covid-19

In quarantine: Camila Fernández tests positive for Covid-19

The daughter of foal, Camila Fernández, tested positive for Covid-19 and because of this she showed that she is currently in quarantine, for which she will have to stay away from her little daughter Cayetana.

The announcement came after the artist had a romantic celebration during the February 14th with her husband Francis Beard.

It was from her account Instagram where Camila uploaded some stories with the caption: “F*ck you Covid”, while posing lying down wearing a red KN-95 mask. She also took the opportunity to ask her followers some activities she could do during her time in isolation.

Recommend something to do with covid on lockdown“, she wrote.

The foal's daughter fell ill with covid (PHOTO: ig CAMIFDZOFICIAL)

Camila Fernández fell ill with covid.

Her fans quickly responded and one asked her to make a Live, to which Fernández mentioned that she was not fit.

“Everything hurts me baby I can’t sorry (sorry)”, she placed.

Likewise, other Internet users told Camila that they were in the same conditions as her, to which Alejandro Fernández’s daughter sent them good wishes and a speedy recovery, in addition to noting that her symptoms were difficult.

“Chale ps that it is light because it is giving me so much foeeeerte”, she said.

Later she put a story of a glass of squirrels and thanked her partner for pampering her in these difficult times she is going through.

I love you thank you you are the best”, she added.

In September 2021, when Vicente Fernández was in a critical moment of health, Camila broke down in tears when talking about her grandfather’s condition.

Her husband gave her some Esquites.
Her husband gave her some Esquites.

Camila Fernandez, her husband Francisco Barba, her daughter Cayetana and her mother America Guinart accompanied Alex Fernandez and Alexander Fernandez at the concert they gave in Las Vegas on the occasion of the national holidays and as part of their tour Made in Mexico.

Leaving the premises, the 23-year-old singer spoke about the health status of her grandparents, mainly the Charro from Huentitan.

The interpreter of Own confessed that her family continues in disbelief at the accident he suffered Chente and explained that during the 41 days that her grandfather had been hospitalized, everyone has tried to send him signs of affection through audiovisual resources, as she said before the cameras of Tell me what you know.

If we had like a shock, we are all so sensitive and more trying to encourage him to him as well as we can because we send him voice messages, videos and everything. The truth is that we don’t feel like seeing it like this”, she declared.

After the decline of Charro from Huentitan, the interpreter of I set out to lose you has shared various moments with his first granddaughter.

Cayetana recently turned 10 months old and thanks to social networks the singer has given glimpses of his coexistence with the firstborn of Camila Fernandez. The singer has taken advantage of the space of Instagram to dedicate tender messages to her in which he reiterates the infinite love he has for her, as happened on January 20, in his most recent message.

Good morning! Says my little meat doll!”, shared first The foal to his almost 4 million followers.

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