Laurys Dyva appeared cuddling with a boy Could it be her new boy’i?

Model Pynandi posted on her Instagram a couple of pictures with a young man. According to rumors, the model recently ended her relationship with businessman Dany Torres.

Laurys Dyva gave a lot to talk about when she returned to the restaurant chuchi in which she was served “mortadella” akue and charged platal voi, sparking a remembered controversy.

“Misamores Did you like my outfit today? Iconic as always! I was treated super well I love it,” she said when showing her look on her Instagram.

The most striking of the evening is that Laurys Dyva showed herself in her social networks hugging a very churro boy, generating rumors about a supposed new relationship.

According to rumors, the OnlyFans girl had recently ended her relationship with businessman Dany Torres, after four years of relationship.

Who is her new churro?

Gossipmongers put the magnifying glass on the boy who appears hugging Laurys Dyva in the photos on social networks.

The young man is Jorge Harika, a well-known photographer who recently turned 39 years old.

It is said that they met a little while ago when they coincided in an event held in a casino.

Has a new couple been formed?

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