Barbarela video, Babo’s daughter surprises networks with her recording and talent

Many are searching the internet for the video of Barbarela, Babo’s daughter, a Mexican who has caused controversy for her inappropriate and explicit publications.

Many on the internet are looking for the video of Barbarela, Babo’s daughter who has followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a hip-hop star and also trending on the “blue platform”.

Although most people know the young woman as “Barbarela”, that is only her stage name, since her real name is Bárbara Dávalos, who was born in April 1997, so she is currently 26 years old.

In social networks, Barbarela has become a sensation, and many media highlight that the Mexican has also gone viral on the famous OnlyFans platform.

It should be noted that in her Instagram account, she has more than 1.1 million followers, where most support the music of the young woman, who has songs like “Si Supieras”, “Te Yuyeas”, “Empoderada” and “Quiero de Nuez”.

On the other hand, on her personal Youtube channel, she has 127 thousand subscribers and so far, her most famous song is Te Yuyeas, which has more than 6 million reproductions and thousands of ‘likes’.

On other occasions, Barbarela has even had collaborations with Cartel de Santa, so some consider that Babo’s firstborn is also a member of their group.

Who is Barbarela’s mother?

One of the main questions about Babo is his personal life, especially the name of the woman who is Bárbara’s mother, however to date, the name of the young woman’s mother has not been revealed.

Eduardo Dávalos, Babo’s real name, has not officially revealed who is the mother of his daughter, who grew up with him since childhood.

Many of the rapper’s fans speculate that Barbara was the product of the Mexican’s relationship with Mary Dee, another artist to whom he was married and who even had collaborations with the Santa Cartel.

Other people speculate that due to the lack of sincerity on the part of the Cartel de Santa’s vocalist, that Bárbara is not even Dávalos’ biological daughter. However, this is only speculation and an unfounded theory.

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