Who is Chloe Sasha, the Mexican chef who is the rage on OnlyFans

Mexican chef and model Chloe Sasha is the new OnlyFans sensation.

The subscription service OnlyFans is in the best moment of its history. As time goes by, more and more people are deciding to join and get involved in the platform of material for adults. No wonder, because in the application they have the opportunity to pocket up to 80 percent of the subscriptions they generate.

This is why thousands of actresses, sportswomen, students and prominent professionals can be found on the British portal with their own official account. Currently, OnlyFans has become viral an American model of Mexican origin, which is characterized by providing as a chef her best cooking recipes in underwear or swimsuit.

Who is Chloe Sasha?

Chloe Sasha is a single mother of four who recently went through a personal crisis after divorcing the father of her children. However, the beautiful model and chef has been able to cope with adversity, and has come out on top, in large part, thanks to her OnlyFans membership.

The curvaceous Chloe once worked as a receptionist, but found that submitting her recipes and some language lessons were well received on social media. The 29-year-old realized that showing her best dishes as a chef, but with the touch of appearing in a bikini, gradually gained popularity in the digital world.

In her capsules called “Cooking with Chloe”, the woman with Mexican roots prepared all kinds of dishes, among which stood out the mole with chicken, typical of the tricolor culture. Sasha covers a larger market because she is bilingual, so her arrival a year ago to OnlyFans has been a resounding success. Since her arrival to the adult content application, she has managed to earn more than 200 thousand dollars.

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