Graphologist asks that Alfredo Adame’s anger not be ignored: “Kicks are not given to him, but if he got something out?”

Graphologist asks that Alfredo Adame’s anger not be ignored: “Kicks are not given to him, but if he got something out?”

Alfredo Adame attacked the graphologist for an analysis of her body language; she does not rule out responding legally

On September 28, Alfredo Adame was involved in an altercation outside his house in the Tepepan neighborhood, south of CDMX, where two people died and he sustained serious injuries to his right eye.

The days that followed the incident were a legal and medical crossroads for the 64-year-old presenter, who assured that he was beaten by two subjects, when he had only offered to help one of the people who died at the scene.

This version was called into question when videos were leaked on social networks that showed a different story from the one told by Adame.

The driver exploded against the journalist Carlos Jiménez, who shared the videos on Twitter, but he was not the only one. He also attacked the graphologist Maryfer Centeno, who did an analysis of the non-verbal language of Alfredo Adame, which was not to her liking.

True to his style, Adame told Maryfer Centeno everything, who does not remain silent and, now he has spoken with TVNotas about the driver who assures that he needs psychological help to overcome the trauma that this incident left him, the graphologist sends him a strong message.

The medium asked him about the way the actor had referred to her, to which he replied that “I am not making a moral judgment, I just said that the man smiles, it is something strange when there is such a terrible episode in which Adame also he almost lost his eye; I consider it somewhat unusual.”

“First, it is not a reflection, he enjoys that memory, of having seen the dead man; besides, he seems to feel like a hero and for me he is not. Adame has no empathy for the policeman who apparently died in the line of duty for him. In some way, he portrays Adame that we have seen in recent years, “Centeno explained.

She assured that Adame does not think before speaking and stated that “when he says that the video is a lie, that he did not initiate the lawsuit, he adjusts his shirt and that is an indicator of” lie “”.

When asked if she thought that Alfredo Adame had the profile of a murderer, the graphologist replied that “I hope not, but his behavior leads us to think that he may lose control and murder someone, fortunately and thank God the man He has bad reflexes, he doesn’t hit the kicks. In the video you can see that he initiates the lawsuit, that is his reality”.

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