Man in Argentina kills his mother with 100 stabs after using drugs

Man in Argentina kills his mother with 100 stabs after using drugs

Osvaldo Marcelo González was arrested after taking his mother hostage and then stabbing her. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene while the motive for the crime is being investigated.

Due to drug use, a man in Argentina lost consciousness and took her own mother hostage, later killing her with more than 100 stab wounds.

According to the newspaper El Clarín, the horrendous scene took place in San Juan Bautista, commonly known as Florencio Varela, south of Buenos Aires, where the police received an emergency call for an act of domestic violence.

The author of the crime was identified as Osvaldo Marcelo González, 48, who, when the agents arrived, the neighbors assured that the man was entrenched and was holding his mother captive.

Once they managed to control it, they found the victim without vital signs in the front yard of the house.

Judicial sources reported that the victim had “more than 100 stab wounds” and the reasons that led the subject to commit the crime, who was allegedly under the influence of drugs when he attacked the woman, are being investigated.

“The victim had more than 100 injuries in various blood vessels,” said a source with access to the file, although he clarified that the final result of the autopsy of the deceased is still awaited.

This crime just when the national media followed up on another bloody act, after the arrest of a musician named Federico “El Más Ladrón” Bellavigna, who was accused of murdering businessman Andrés Federico Costa on October 17 and throwing away his body, was reported. to a swine pen, to be devoured by the swine.

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