Vadhir Derbez narrates how his father’s accident happened, Eugenio Derbez: “It was very dense”

Vadhir Derbez narrates how his father’s accident happened, Eugenio Derbez: “It was very dense”

Vadhir Derbez broke the silence around the accident suffered by his father, Eugenio Derbez, and in addition to narrating how it happened, he took the experience with a sense of humor, assuring: “he has already learned not to mess with me again”

Vadhir Derbez put an end to the speculations about the accident that Eugenio Derbez suffered last August and narrated how the painful fall that caused multiple fractures in his right shoulder happened while they were having fun in a virtual reality game.

The Mexican actor and singer attended EXA’s radio show ‘La Caminera’ as a guest to talk about the release of his song “What would happen?”; However, there he spoke for the first time about the unfortunate accident that actor Eugenio Derbez suffered at the end of August, which caused him around 15 fractures in one shoulder.

After being questioned about his father’s health, Vadhir resorted to the sense of humor that characterizes his entire family, to answer: “he has already learned not to mess with me again”, referring to the rumors that claimed he would have caused the blows during a fight.

He immediately left the jokes to explain: “The man put on a headsed (virtual reality glasses) and thought he was going to fall off the cliff and when he jumped off the table (within the game), instead of understanding that he was on a floor sure, let’s say in his head he said: ‘I’m jumping on a board in a skyscraper, I’m going to jump sideways as if to fall’. I don’t know what the chin$&d*s went through his head, but he ended up on the floor in a very bizarre way.”

Confirming the comedian’s version, Vadhir pointed out that he saw him fall “on his shoulder with all his weight”, assuring that it was as “if he had seen a trout jump and fall”.

“That’s where Eugenio Derbez discovered that not everything is grace in life.”

Vadhir Derbez

Aislinn Derbez’s brother affirms that now he already takes everything with a sense of humor because he knows that his father is well and is in full recovery.

“At this moment I laugh because he is very well, he is doing much better, he is recovering, I am not so cruel, but at the time he was very dense”, he added.

To later confirm that they were together that day and it was he himself who transferred him to a hospital to receive help due to the severe pain he felt.

“When he started with his: ‘Oh, my shoulder!’ He immediately told me: ‘Take me to the hospital’ and I said: ‘Ok, it hurt, you fell, but it’s fine, nothing happens, wait until it goes away the pain a little’ and he told me: ‘No, I heard the bones crack’. There I already told him: ‘Let’s go’ and he had the whole journey, “he recalled.

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