‘Scandal’ actor questions Mel Gibson’s success after racist attitudes

‘Scandal’ actor questions Mel Gibson’s success after racist attitudes

Malina said that if Gibson has the approval to direct films, it was time to stop publishing articles on the power of “cancellation of culture.” “Because if you can keep getting a lot of money and approval in Hollywood, the cancellation culture just doesn’t exist,” wrote the ‘West Wing’ actor.

He added: “This might seem like a minor matter if it didn’t come at a time when my tribe members feel the walls are closing in again. Jews were victims in more than 50 percent of religion-based hate crimes last year. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the Tree of Life Massacre in Pittsburgh, the murders at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in California, Jewish students harassed on college campuses, European anti-Semitism on the rise – these are the headlines that they make us feel insecure. Is this really the time to glorify a man like Mel Gibson?

In the same way, Joshua reflected on how the 65-year-old actor again has great job opportunities despite his track record. “Is it just that the memories of his hate speech have faded, while Hollywood’s memory of his box office attraction remains?” Malina noted.

“It would be great if executives, producers and high profile actors also took a position. So you might believe in this cancellation culture that I keep reading so much about. And I could also believe that Jews, in fact, count, ”he said.


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