Gerard Piqué abandons Clara Chía before meeting Shakira

After a rumored wedding between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, he has now abandoned his girlfriend to meet Shakira. Will there be a reconciliation?

Although in recent days there have been strong rumors of an alleged wedding between Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique, the former FC Barcelona centerback has surprised all his fans after he left his new girlfriend to see Shakira.

A few weeks ago, the Colombian has finally moved to Miami, where she has decided to settle down with her children far from Spain and the harassment of the press.

As we told you in La Verdad Noticias, just a day ago it had been reported that the Catalan couple made an unusual request not to be humiliated during a party, but now they are in the news after Piqué decided to leave Clara behind to meet Shakira.

Piqué moves away from Clara Chía to reunite with Shakira
It’s been a year since the couple confirmed their separation and despite Shakira has done everything possible to not see her ex again, this has been complicated, as both have children in common.

That is why both have wanted to fix the issue of child custody through a lawyer; however, now the celebrity has decided to leave Clara Chia, to have a meeting with the Colombian.

Now both Shaki, Sasha and Milan are in the singer’s native country, because they are on vacation, so they are spending time with their maternal grandparents, so it is expected that Piqué will travel there to take them to Spain, where they will spend time with Joan and Montserrat, the soccer player’s parents.

It is worth remembering that part of the agreement that the celebrities have made includes that their children spend 66% of the holiday period with their children, so now the ex-footballer will take them to Spain again.

How old was Shakira when she met Piqué?

How old was Shakira when she met Piqué

Shakira’s relationship began in 2010 when she was 32 years old and he was 22, both met in the middle of the preparations for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where Piqué would end up being World Champion with the Spanish national team.

Since then the couple was very much in love and even just a year after confirming their relationship they had their first child, MIlan, and in 2013 Sasha, after 12 years their relationship ended due to the infidelity of the footballer with his current girlfriend Clara Chia.

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