Why do Korean doramas eliminate sex scenes?

Learn why famous Korean doramas do not show sex scenes in their stories, in contrast to the hot Mexican novelas.

There are Korean bedtime doramas that undoubtedly made more than one fan sigh. However, many of these scenes do not have explicit or sexual content due to several audience and cultural factors that we will explain today.

If the above caused you curiosity, you should know that this is not a mistake or censorship by streaming platforms such as Netflix or Viki Rakuten, famous streaming services with a wide catalog of romantic Korean series.

In contrast to Mexican telenovelas or Western series, which usually show sexual scenes from minute one, K-Dramas show the protagonists kissing each other on the cheek or giving each other a peck until the middle of the series. Below, Globe Live Media explains the real reason why we don’t see many doramas with good kissing.

Why are there no sex scenes in Korean doramas?

This is because of Korean society, its ideas of Buddhism and Confucianism, where displays of affection between women and men are frowned upon. For that reason, Korean doramas do not show scenes in bed.

Let’s remember that most dorama viewers are a young audience, so sexual scenes are practically forbidden. How many times have you been left wanting to see the protagonists in a hotter moment? Don’t worry, there are always alternatives to find more modern Korean stories.

How is love shown in South Korea?

The way they show love in South Korea is by holding hands, kissing each other on the forehead or saying “Saranghae” (I love you). For Koreans it is very important to respect personal space, although this is changing with the new generations.

What hot doramas I watch on Netflix?

  • Even So
  • A Business Proposal
  • Alchemy of Souls
  • Under the Rain
  • A Spring Love
  • Her Private Life
  • Another Miss Oh
  • Holo My Love

The solution to find explicit Korean doramas is to watch series released between 2015 onwards, especially those that are from the start for a more adult audience and with availability on international streaming platforms. Before we share with you a list of doramas with love stories to watch in a single day.

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