Do you have this BBVA card? You’ll have to change it

With the technological advancement, a new payment method has emerged, so BBVA presented its new card.

BBVA Bank launched a new digital tool, which will replace traditional credit cards, so if you currently use this type of bank plastic, it is advisable to change it.

According to the bank, this new instrument will allow you to buy in various digital stores or e-commerce in a safer way, so it will eventually replace credit cards with traditional plastic.

Consequently, the financial institution said that the replacement of physical cards, aims to prevent financial fraud, taking the customer to a new digital era. In addition, this new BBVA digital card will have multiple security locks.

What is the BBVA digital card?

It is an alternative to conventional plastic that allows you to make online purchases without putting your information at risk. To access this BBVA feature you must have a digital account and manage it through the BBVA app which is available for iOs and Android.

How does the BBVA digital card work?

  • Enter the BBVA app
  • Select the card you want to use and on the top right click on “Buy with digital card”.
  • Enter the card number and the expiration code of the digital card.
  • Use the “View” option in the “Dynamic CVV” section to obtain the unique security code.

The unique security code is valid only for 5 minutes in order to make purchases and transfer money from your BBVA electronic card without having your information and money stolen.

How can I get a BBVA digital card?

To activate the BBVA card, you must enter the banking app, go to the “My cards” section, click on the option you want to activate in the digital version, accept the terms and conditions and click on the option “Generate and activate card”.

Afterwards, with the new card you will be able to enjoy the advantages of BBVA’s virtual card, such as transferring funds to any account, shopping online in a more secure way.

How much can I deposit on my BBVA digital card?

Monthly deposits of the BBVA virtual card is up to 3 thousand UDI and in advanced option: Monthly deposits of up to 30 thousand UDI. This is equivalent to between 22,200 and 222,000 Mexican pesos.

Remember that the BBVA digital card has no cost, so you only need to have the bank’s App and activate it.

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