OnlyFans model Gabriela Gardez reveals she was bullied at age 13 for leaked photos

Gabriela Gardez

Gabriela Gardez

Gabriela Gardez now triumphs in OnlyFans, but when she was a minor she suffered the leak of her intimate content.

While it is true that social networks and the digital world have changed relationships as they were known a few years ago, it is also true that people must be careful with the content they send to their partners or friends.

Many young people have gotten into trouble because the photos or videos they sent to a contact were leaked and shared without their consent.

As a result, the victims suffer from being singled out, discriminated against and harassed by their social environment.

Gabriela Gardez, the OnlyFans model who suffered harassment due to leaked photos at the age of 13.
This type of incident Gabriela Gardez, a popular OnlyFans model, had to endure.

Now, Gaby, 18, has undertaken on the adult content platform, but her fame came because of a bad experience that marked her for life.

Gabriela Gardez

Gabriela Gardez

Betrayed by a boy

The native of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, revealed that at the age of 13 or 14 she met a boy, who betrayed her.

The boy leaked some of her intimate photos without her consent, which caused her many problems with her friends, family and people who knew her.

However, the young Mexican girl chose to transform that bad experience into something positive, and last February she opened her OnlyFans account.

She is compared to Karely Ruiz

She has been so successful on the British platform that many Internet users compare her to Karely Ruiz, one of the most famous models and influencers of the application.

In fact, the two have a good relationship. Not long ago, Gaby shared a photo of the regiomontana, and Ruiz herself commented that she loved her.

Thanks to these posts, fans of the two models are hoping for a collaboration between them on the adult platform.

Due to the success she has generated on OnlyFans and her other social networks, at 18 years old, Gaby is already independent from her family and has her own car.

However, it’s not all plain sailing. The influencer revealed that she is looking for a partner, but having OnlyFans is always an obstacle.

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