Aura Cristina Geithner talked about her success at Onlyfans: “I took a risk because I believed a lot in intuition”.

The actress and singer talked about her success on the content subscription platform and related what her work there is like

Although she hasn’t exactly stayed retired from acting, Aura Cristina Geithner’s activity slowed down considerably in recent years. Her last participation in a conventional cast came in 2016, when she acted in TV Azteca’s telenovela, Despertar contigo. From then on her performances were in smaller roles and more separated in time. Her last appearance as an actress was with a small role in Prime Video’s comedy Primate, released in 2022.

However, and although she went through different economic and even health problems during that period, the Colombian kept afloat thanks to the boom of the Onlyfans platform during the pandemic stage, and has become one of the most recognized celebrities in the country to have an account there, in which she constantly shares suggestive content for her subscribers.

The rise of the platform in the country has not ceased to be controversial, due to the fact that an important sector of society relates it to prostitution or pornography. However, the actress and singer has tried to dissociate herself from that place when it comes to her own content.

She talked about this topic in depth in the program Sin carreta of Channel 1, with host Juan Diego Alvira, in which, among other topics, she referred to her success in Onlyfans. Geithner had time to boast that “I am one of those who updated myself (laughs). I’m really part of digital content now,” referring to his intense social media activity, which is not always followed by other contemporaries of his.

Initially, there was talk of her reduced activity in telenovelas or series. When asked by Alvira if she felt relegated from television, Geithner pointed out that this is not the case and that, in fact, she lived her most complex moment firsthand:

“I actually lived the difficult moment in television. My last real project was at TV Azteca, in Mexico, in 2016. From then on, everything changed (…) I asked myself many times ‘What is this?’ and I never imagined myself in that story of entering the crisis, of hitting rock bottom.”

Next, Aura Cristina referred to her own personal difficulties during that period, and explained that there were several factors, among which the economic one affected the most, apart from her health, as she said that she contracted the influenza (in its AH1N1 variant). Although he clarified that he was not in need, he did point out that it was a period when “standards changed”.

It was precisely at that moment that the opportunity of Onlyfans presented itself to her, and that is how Aura Cristina related her initial doubts and her motivation to undertake this adventure:

“That beautiful and beautiful opportunity came to me by chance. While I was here in Medellín, a businessman friend from Paisa told me about this platform. When he told me about it, I said ‘hey, no (laughs)’. What happened is that I said ‘my God, as I am a public person I can not go to such extremes and become a pornstar or webcam’ (…) “I took a risk, because I believed a lot in intuition. I am very intuitive.”

She went on to explain that she decided to approach her material in a way not unlike how she does it on Instagram, where it is usual for models or public figures to pose in bikinis or lingerie. According to Geithner, “I do the same thing, but the difference is that almost all of that material I put on Onlyfans. It’s a job as a model, where I play with sensuality, with eroticism. That’s where I have my loyal users. I’ve been between 1600 and 2000. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

When asked by the presenter how he dealt with the more explicit material that is usually shown on the platform, Geithner explained:

“Users ask for things like much more personalized. What I do explicit is erotic podcasts. It’s the most popular thing on the platform. At the beginning I did it in a very subtle way, very sensual. But no, later I realized that they liked it more explicit (laughs)” she also stated that although she has been asked to show certain parts of her body, she rejects these requests.

To close, the artist, although she did not want to give exact numbers, pointed out that it is a very profitable bet, and she has insisted that she considers the present moment as “the best stage of my life”.

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