A group of hooded men robbed a Gucci store in Los Angeles in the middle of the day, according to the LAPD.

A recently released video showed how a group of at least nine hooded men robbed a Gucci store in Los Angeles in the middle of the day. The incident occurred at a shopping center in Century City.

A group of at least nine hooded men were captured on video as they robbed a Gucci store at a mall in Century City, Los Angeles, on Monday. The crime was confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the L.A. Times reported.

In the video, posted on social networks and by media outlets on YouTube, a group of at least nine men can be seen running out of the store around 3:10 p.m. last Monday.

The LAPD confirmed that there was a robbery at a store in the Westfield Century City Mall. It was not immediately clear if the men were armed or if anyone was injured, the L.A. Times reviewed.

The video shows at least nine men in coats and sweatshirts running out of the entrance of the Gucci store with merchandise.

People in the mall watched and recorded videos of the robbery. At the same time, a security guard was recorded as he walked behind the hooded men, although he did not take any physical action to stop them. Also, a man in a suit who appeared to be an employee of the Gucci store was recorded calling the police.

It is unknown at this time exactly how much merchandise was stolen and the value of the merchandise.

The LAPD could not provide information on the amount of merchandise stolen and did not disclose the name of the store in the mall that was robbed by the hooded men.

Also, a police spokesman indicated, as reviewed by the L.A. Times, that he did not know how many men were in the group of robbers, in addition to those captured on video.

The robbers fled in two vehicles: a white SUV and a red Kia, according to the LAPD.

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