The journalist wanted to make her followers aware of the importance of protecting themselves from the sun’s rays

Nine months after revealing that she had suffered from skin cancer, Monica Carrillo has shown her Instagram followers the scar from her operation.

The journalist, who suffered a basal cell carcinoma, wanted to raise awareness about the importance of protecting oneself from the sun’s rays, especially in summer.

Since she was diagnosed, the Antena 3 presenter has wanted to use her public image as a speaker to vindicate the importance of skin care.

Showing an image of before and another of after the carcinoma was removed, the presenter writes: “Between these two photos a year has passed. Life goes on. It leaves us deep scars so that we do not forget everything that happened, but it always moves forward. Take care, protect yourself from the sun and worry about what is important. ”

A message of improvement and positivity for which she has received a flood of supportive comments to which she has responded: “I am very sorry not to be able to respond to so many expressions of affection. I am overwhelmed by your response and happy for all the people with a similar situation that I have been able to help. ”

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