Efusive meeting of Rocío Carrasco and Irene Montero in an act against gender violence

Efusive meeting of Rocío Carrasco and Irene Montero in an act against gender violence

Since the issuance of the docuseries “Rocío: Tell the truth to stay alive“, in which Rocio Carrasco narrated the most controversial episodes of her relationship with Antonio David Flores, the Minister of Equality has shown her full support.

“We are always going to be there when a woman dares to take the step of denouncing a situation of sexist violence,” Montero pointed out then in an interview on the Telecinco program “Save me.”

Montero, who has always highlighted the importance that “thousands of women” can be identified in Carrasco’s story: “Perhaps for the first time they will be reflected in the experiences she tells. They have to know that there is a telephone, 016, with a voice on the other side to help,” she said at the time.

Since then, the daughter of Rocio Jurado has become a benchmark for thousands of women who suffer gender violence in our country. For this reason, the presence of the daughter of “the greatest” in the commemorative acts of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was not surprising yesterday.

Specifically, in the one held at the CaixaForum Auditorium in Madrid, where the prizes and mentions were delivered for this reason. These awards are given to people, projects and institutions whose work against sexist violence has been recognized this year.

Rocío Carrasco, invited to the event, melted into a hug with Irene Montero, good proof of the friendship that unites them and the admiration they profess.

“Rocío Carrasco’s testimony is that of a victim of gender violence. When a woman publicly denounces violence, she can be questioned or ridiculed. That is why support is important,” she wrote, during the broadcast of the controversial documentary, on Twitter, with the hashtag #RocioYoSiTeCreo.

Then, also the socialist spokesperson in Congress, Adriana Lastra, gave her support to Carrasco. “She is a brave woman, a survivor. Their testimony is of great value in making gender violence visible. We will not stop until life is safe and free for all women”.

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