At the moment the reasons for this hospitalization have not been disclosed

Concern about the health status of Camilo Sesto’s son, Camilo Blanes, which, as the Semana magazine exclusively reveals has been admitted urgently to a Madrid hospital.

Although the reasons for this hospitalization have not been disclosed, it is speculated that his addictions could have been the cause and, although serious, the singer remains stable. His mother Lourdes Ornelas, barely left his side and, for the moment, has not commented on this unexpected blow.

Camilo Blanes would be going through a difficult time both personally and at work and just a few weeks ago he published on his social networks some shocking videos walking disoriented at the wee hours of the morning through the middle of a highway.

Some shocking images that once again activated the alarms around Camilín’s alleged addictions and after which Lourdes Ornelas, desperate, he confessed his concern, revealing that although he wanted to admit him to a center so that his son would go back to being his usual self, in Spain he could not do so without the consent of the young man.

This Wednesday, coinciding with his 38th birthday and fulfilling the worst omens – apparently, after several days of partying with friends – Camilo was admitted of emergency in a Madrid hospital and, as Semana reports, his condition is of some concern although he remains stable.

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