Eduin Caz was criticized on social networks for the state of his young son’s school shoes. Here’s what they told him.

Eduin Caz, regional Mexican singer, is one of the most controversial public figures because he likes to boast his triumphs and material acquisitions, so he has been branded as arrogant; although now his son’s shoes have gone viral.

Let’s remember that Caz recently bragged in a TikTok challenge that he bought underwear worth 5 thousand Mexican pesos, which unleashed great scandal among the community that did not take long to send him several criticisms.

Now she was targeted when she shared a picture of her family, where they were celebrating a school victory of her little boy, who received recognition for his performance in the classroom.

However, the comments focused on another issue that caught the attention of Internet users, as they quickly began to criticize the parents of the child, who smilingly showed the paper he had earned with effort.

Caz indicated that he no longer wished to share content involving his children, as he wanted to keep them away from public life, however, he said he was totally proud of his ‘little king’ for obtaining the first place in school achievement.

“Good afternoon, good afternoon. The truth is that I didn’t want to involve my little ones anymore in this social media thing, but today I feel so proud of my little King and I had to shout that today we got the 1st place in achievement in his school and I wanted to show it to you. I know we are doing a good job with you. Thank you @anahydpg for being so great.”

And quickly her ex-partner joined the happiness that overwhelmed the family, as Daisy Anahy indicated that they were doing an excellent job as a team to put their children on track; she also asked for respect if something didn’t seem right to the users.

“We are doing very well. And this is our prize, a very intelligent child, thank you for so much. And indeed we didn’t want to involve them anymore and yes before they had Instagram and we uploaded it every day, but because of such mediocre minded people messing with kids that can’t be done anymore, just RESPECT and repeat with me if I don’t like something I don’t comment, thank you tqm”.

Networks criticize Eduin and Daysi

Although the request of Caz’s ex-wife went unnoticed because bad comments began to arrive where they assured that it was not fair to have their son with old shoes, while the parents wore expensive footwear.

  • “But what about the shoes?”
  • “Your son’s shoes, you and Anahí with expensive shoes and your son’s shoes look very old, they put those on him because of all the brand name shoes they have”.
  • “Buy some shoes for your son, don’t be a sissy”.
  • “First buy some good shoes for your son, you and your old lady have good shoes and your kid even wears broken ones”.
  • “Don’t be a tough guy, buy him some cooler shoes, he deserves it for that 10”.

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