Andrea San Martin will not stop following Anuel AA, despite allegations of aggression: “I don’t believe in anyone”.

The former reality star used her social networks to comment on the international scandal that the Puerto Rican starred in with Yailin the most viral and rapper Tekashi. The model defended her favorite singer.

It is no surprise that Andrea San Martin is one of Anuel AA’s biggest fans. On several occasions, the former reality star has expressed her fanaticism for the Puerto Rican singer, who in recent hours has made the front pages of the international media due to the serious accusations against him by his ex-partner, Yailin the most viral.

Through social networks, the singer also revealed that she apparently suffered physical abuse when she was pregnant with their common daughter. In addition, she assured that the interpreter did not care for her and their baby. To these confessions were added the attacks of rapper Tekashi, Yailin’s current boyfriend, who called him a bad father and pointed out that he did not take responsibility for their little girl.

As expected, the reggaetonero did not remain silent and lashed out against both, recalling the allegations of the American of Puerto Rican origin. In addition, he called the mother of his daughter a liar and asked her not to get carried away by her boyfriend.

In the face of the scandal surrounding Anuel AA, Andrea San Martin did not remain silent. Through the stories of her official Instagram account, the former TV host began by saying that many people have begun to criticize her for continuing to be a fan of the singer, despite the allegations of aggression against him.

Likewise, Andrea San Martin made it clear that she is not a person who is easily convinced by what she sees on social networks. “I know that the last thing that is happening is a delicate and purely family issue. I’m not going to give my opinion on his issues, because I don’t know him. Don’t waste your time getting upset about people we don’t even know and don’t know. You don’t have to be biased,” he said.

“I like his songs, I like him as an artist….. I’m not going to stop liking Anuel. For me he hasn’t changed his face which fascinates me. I love him physically. His songs have not changed and I love them. I like everything about Anuel as an artist, the rest I don’t know. I don’t know the rest. Not necessarily the one who cries the most has the truth. I don’t believe in anyone,” she added.

Finally, Andrea San Martin shared a photo of the Puerto Rican accompanied by a text, where she affirms that if the singer has done something wrong, there is no need to discuss; however, she asked that for the moment not to insult or attack him.

“Regardless of whether I like Anuel, if he does something that is wrong, there is no matter for discussion… it is wrong, period. However, I don’t give my opinion because I don’t know for sure and I don’t like to be guided by the bickering. I only ask you not to insult. They complain about mistreatment, but they mistreat. It has no logic whatsoever. Respect other people’s opinions and stop labeling people without knowing them. Believe me, it is painful and you will never know the real story,” he said.

Andrea San Martin’s craziness for Anuel AA

At the beginning of last March, Andrea San Martin left more than one surprised when she revealed that she got three tattoos in honor of Anuel AA. The ‘ojiverde’ wrote on her arm the name ‘Emmanuel’, the singer’s real name, as well as the phrase ‘Real Hasta la muerte‘ on her back and ‘double A’ on the other arm.

But that was not all. The reality star decided to travel to the United States on more than one occasion to attend his concerts. While she was lucky when she went to Texas, the opposite happened in Miami, as she went to a nightclub where she was told that the reggaetonero would be performing, but in the end he never showed up.

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