Eduin Caz gets a very peculiar tattoo after receiving his star on the Las Vegas walk of fame, and surprised his fans with its meaning

The Mexican singer Eduin Caz celebrated in a big way one of the most important moments for Grupo Firme and he did it with a new tattoo on his chest with which he will remember him forever, since a star was made in honor of the recognition they received on September 13 In Las Vegas.

Through their social networks, the Mexican regional group announced that they received a star on the Walk of Stars in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is given to those celebrities who have contributed in some way to popular culture and entertainment.

“Family we have the #111 star in Las Vegas thanks to you, we love you”, was the message with which the group thanked their fans, although Eduin Caz decided to take it to another level and got a tattoo that adds to the five that you already have in your body.

It is a star that was placed right in the center of his chest without any other detail than the number 111, since this is the one that bears his recognition in Las Vegas and that will be next to the star that other Mexicans such as Vicente Fernández have received. , Luis Miguel, Juan Gabriel, Jenni Rivera, Pepe Aguilar and international industry personalities such as Madonna, Shakira and the Backstreet Boys.

This is not the only tattoo that the interpreter of “El Tóxico” has, because in addition to music, family is of great importance to him and, although he has shown it with luxurious details to his loved ones, he decided to also wear it on his skin with designs dedicated to your children.

The 28-year-old singer carries on his chest some geometric figures that surround the drawing of the universe and in the center the legend “I love you until Neptune”, which is dedicated to his eldest son, Eduin Oswaldo, and which represents the immense love that he It has because of the distance from the planet.

Like the previous one, Eduin has two more at the height of the faces that are also dedicated to his children because they are the footprints of the little ones along with their dates of birth of each one. While on his right arm he carries the word “Family”.

Another of his tattoos is also on his chest and is the legend “Grupo Firme” and “thank you” for the overwhelming success that the group has had and that has placed them among the favorites of the Mexican regional.

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