Cuban presenter Carlos Otero surprised his followers after reacting to a post by the beautiful actress Imaray Ulloa.

The Cuban beauty posted on her Facebook account an image in which she wore a beautiful long dress and invited her fans to buy that design. It was then that Carlos Otero sent his unexpected message, which many users have considered an attempted flirtation by the driver after ending his relationship with Haniset Rodríguez.

“Leave the story that Yubran bought you,” wrote the presenter, accompanying his words of smiling faces.

Carlos Otero conquetea con Imaray Ulloa

Was he flirting with Imaray? Although Otero’s reaction was a surprise to many, it is no less true that both have shared a friendship relationship. Imaray and Yubran have been part of the TN3 show hosted by Carlos Otero. So there is nothing to worry about!

For her part, the popular and fun Imaray Ulloa had her birthday on May 19. The beautiful young woman received infinite expressions of affection from her followers and friends on social networks.

For many, the age of this beautiful Cuban is a mystery, however, from the website Famous birthdays It is known that Imaray was born in 1990, making her 31 years old.

Imaray and Yubran, protagonists of the channel Neither moon nor honey, have become one of the funniest couples on social networks. Both showed how much they know each other as a couple during their invitation to the show This Has No Name that is transmitted by the channel on YouTube We are Miami TV.

María Karla Rivero put the couple to the test with revealing questions about their coexistence.

Next, we share some details of the private life of this fun duo.

Yubran Luna

Favorite color: The green

It has a bad character: Yes

Preferred position in privacy: Under

Favorite TV show: The Winsor

Favorite actress: Meryl Streep

Imaray Ulloa

Favorite drink: Martini Rosso

Food you like to cook the most: None

Democrat or Republican: Republican

Favorite underwear color: Negro

Yubran’s body part he likes the most: The mouth

The Ni Luna Ni Miel project by Yubran and Imaray has a live program with several humorous segments about couples. They have now achieved great success on social media with followers around the world, reaching up to 2 million fans.

Both have achieved a perfect mix of humor and sensuality in their videos dealing with problems in the daily life of couples, which has led them to the preference, not only of Cubans, but also people of all nationalities in Latin America and Europe.

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