A video recently shared by Florida authorities shows the exact moment in which a man threw his baby, just two months old, towards a group of policemen with the intention of using it as a distraction and being able to escape after being hit in a high speed chase.

One of the police officers managed to catch the baby, while the father managed to escape for a moment, before being hit again and detained by the authorities minutes later.

According to the police report, the events occurred on May 26 in Vero Beach, Florida, where Indian River County police officers tried to stop a white Nissan Rogue vehicle for not keeping properly in the lane.

The truck accelerated when officers ordered it to stop, setting off a high-speed chase through the county.

The driver, later identified as 32-year-old John Henry James III, drove to the Gifford community despite multiple attempts by police to stop him.

During the chase, several units joined forces to pursue the suspect’s vehicle, including a helicopter that provided air support.

The police indicated that James III crossed the courtyard of a house and collided with the driver’s side of a patrol car during the chase, the report specifies that the damaged patrol was the same that tried to stop him initially.

The suspect drove his vehicle to a nearby apartment complex, where he left with a baby on his arm, the child was later identified as the son of James III, and the police managed to confirm that he was inside the truck the entire time during the chase. police

The report assures that after getting out of the vehicle, James began to run, for which the agents began a chase on foot.

In a last-ditch attempt to escape arrest, James III threw his baby towards the officers, hoping it would function as a distraction.

A police spokesman told Newsweek that one of the closest deputies managed to catch the baby, who was not harmed during the incident.

After the launch, the suspect ran away through nearby trees and buildings before being captured by the police. Now he is without the right to bail.

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