This Sunday, May 15, Christian Nodal appeared as part of his Forajido Tour in concert at the palenque de Metepec, State of Mexico , but what surprised the public is that he was accompanied by a young singer who begins to gain experience on the stages of the country.

Carolina Ross

Carolina Ross was in charge of opening the presentation of the singer of Ya no somos ni seremos at the local fair. The young woman began her artistic career singing covers of Belinda’s ex-boyfriend, but this time she had the opportunity to perform before the singer’s audience , who received her in a very effusive manner.

What most surprised the attendees was the warm welcome that the singer from Here below gave the artist, and once his performance was over, he approached her and praised her talent in front of the attendees.

Nodal told people how he met Carolina, who decided to follow in his footsteps in the artistic environment: “It’s incredible because she started doing my covers and I…”, were the initial words of Nodal, who interrupted them when noticing that the public asked them to kiss.

Born in Caborca, Sonora, he listened to his audience and gave the singer a kiss on the cheek , as can be seen in the videos circulating on social networks. After the moment of rapprochement, Christian expressed his admiration for Carolina, who is a few days away from releasing her debut album.

“I had never heard his music, but now that he opened it to me, I swear that he is one of the most incredible talents I have heard in my entire life,” Nodal assured before the young woman’s smile.

The Nodal show had already started , both northern singers performed the song De los besos que te di in a duet , the song that the 23-year-old composer came to sing alongside Belinda as part of his participation in La Voz México , a fact that generated suspicions and comparisons.

For her part, the 26-year-old shared on her Instagram account a video of her performance and the significant moment she experienced alongside her admired partner: “I continue to assimilate everything we experienced tonight, Nodal. It has been an honor and a very nice experience to meet you, I admire you a lot and the covers with which we started give me away. Thank you for believing in my project to open your show tonight and for sharing your light with me, ”she wrote.

Carolina Ross is a young talent originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, and became known on her YouTube channel, where she has shared Nodal songs in her own voice, such as They didn’t tell you wrong , Goodbye love , Half , Probably and Te I failed.

In addition, the singer gained popularity after coming in third place on the program La Voz México in 2013, since then she has performed at various events, both in Mexico and in the United States, performing songs of her own and especially Christian covers . Nodal.

“Very grateful for the opportunity he gave me… I have uploaded several covers of him on my YouTube channel and I was very excited to meet him and in the little talk he told me ‘what a show, we throw a duet’, and I was happy, super grateful”, said the singer in the First Hand program .

“He gave me a kiss, but he hit me on the cheek. Super happy, he was incredible with my musicians, he praised them for being very good, the very high-flying boys, I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him and he left a good taste in my mouth,” added the singer about her experience with the exponent of “mariacheño ”.

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