Natalia Esperón spoke for the first time about her relationship with Eva Longoria

Natalia Esperón spoke for the first time about her relationship with Eva Longoria

The Hollywood actress has been married since 2016 to Pepe Bastón, ex-husband and father of the three children of the actress from “Warring Heart”
The Hollywood actress has been married since 2016 to Pepe Bastón, ex-husband and father of the three children of the actress from “Warring Heart”

Natalia Esperón returned to the Mexican screen in 2022 after a 10-year retirement period away from melodramas, her moment of greatest projection being the one she had in the 1990s with the remembered telenovela Agujetas de color de rosa.

And it is that the actress returned to the Televisa forums to give life to the character of “Guadalupe García” in the soap opera Corazón Guerrero , starring Alejandra Espinoza, Gaby Spanic, René Casados ​​and Ana Martín.

In this regard, the actress told TVyNovelas her feelings now that she returned to the forums where she debuted three decades ago:

“I have not yet had the opportunity to walk through the company, but I am very excited to know that we are going to work in Foro 1 , because that was my first telenovela, I spent almost two years recording Agujetas de color de rosa , then, that forum brings back a lot of memories; I am also curious to know who from the technical team is still working there , I will be very happy to see them because I worked there when I was 18 years old! ”, He counted.

But it was in the middle of recording the project when the actress had a meeting with the press and talked about her personal life.

Esperón has been characterized by maintaining a reserved profile in terms of her intimate life , but this time the actress revealed a bit of it when questioned about her relationship with Eva Longoria.

And it is that the American actress known mainly for her role as “Gabrielle Solis” in the Desperate Housewives series , has been married since 2016 to businessman Pepe Bastón , who is Natalia’s ex-husband and was a top executive of Televisa for many years.

Pepe Bastón and Eva Longoria married in 2016

In fact, today’s husband of the actress born in Corpus Christi, Texas, is the father of the three children of Natalia Esperón , who responded to the press how she gets along with the American actress:

“Of course, we have the best relationship, we are a very modern family look, there are things that cannot be explained because they are personal, but we are very lucky because we have a very beautiful family,” said the 47-year-old actress.

In addition, the famous added that her three children -Natalia, and the twins José Antonio and Mariana- have an excellent relationship with their half-brother Santiago Enrique , the three-year-old son of Bastón’s marriage to Longoria.

“It’s a very nice relationship. We love Santi, we adore him, he is the best , “added Natalia, who did not give more details of the way they live together or under what circumstances, however, she did detail that the good relationship she maintains with her ex-husband and the new partner of it is full of cordiality and happiness.

“There is talk of happiness and what it is does not have to be advertised , everything is personal, I have divine moments with me, weight is that, they are mine. I am a very discreet person. Very respectful of my life, of my close ones and I prefer that way, ”he expressed.

Natalia Esperón and Pepe Bastó arrived at the altar in 1995 and stayed together for ten years, a period in which they procreated their three children. The couple announced their divorce in 2005 and it was in 2016 that the businessman started a family again, this time with the Hollywood actress.

Unfortunately, the then couple suffered the loss of baby Sebastián, who would have been the third brother of the twins José Antonio and Mariana , born in 2003. Currently, Natalia wants to become a grandmother, since her eldest daughter, named after her, is happily married . : “I am a very cool mother-in-law. My daughter is happily married, I hope to be a grandmother soon, “she confessed.

In addition, the actress assured that she is living a very calm stage of maturity and “enjoys” fully living her age: “I am aging with dignity. Accepting you, loving you, loving what you are becoming , is a life process. Just as we celebrate when children are born, celebrate this maturity that is beautiful, very, very beautiful, “she mentioned.

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