Consuelo Duval explained why Galilea Montijo is not her friend

Consuelo Duval explained why Galilea Montijo is not her friend

The protagonist of "La Familia P. Luche" explained the reasons why there is no close relationship between her and the presenter of "Hoy"
The protagonist of "La Familia P. Luche" explained the reasons why there is no close relationship between her and the presenter of "Hoy"

After several rumors that Consuelo Duval had received Galilea Montijo with suspicion on the Neta Divinas program , the actress clarified what her relationship with her new partner is like.

Galilea Montijo was introduced as the new member of Netas Divinas on May 4 and since then the rumor has circulated that the presenter of Hoy and Consuelo maintain a feud.

In this context, in a meeting with the media, the actress confirmed that she does not consider Montijo as one of her friends, but she was also upset, as she assured that if she had not liked having Galilea as a partner, she would have done so herself. made obvious.

“Oh, no, that makes me a real mamad * and makes me very cannon of my boxes. Who knows me, because I have been totally and absolutely transparent, he knows that if I was pissed off that Galilea was on the show, I would make it obvious , “he said when questioned by the press.

Therefore, he explained that he has mentioned that Galilea is not his friend because he has not been part of the most important moments of his life, nor has he shared great anecdotes with her, but he does consider her a great companion .

In addition to this, he commented that Netas Divinas will make them have a stronger bond and they will be able to start a close friendship.

“She is my partner , I have known her for many years. She is not my friend , I repeat it because we have not farted, because she does not know my story , because she was not there when my father died. You know? For many things she is not my friend but she will be , despite everyone and everything they say “

Finally, the protagonist of La Familia P. Luche was empathic with Montijo due to the attacks she would have received recently and affirmed that in Netas Divinas they will receive her with open arms.

“Don’t put words in my mouth that I haven’t said, because that’s barbaric and it’s not worth it. I love Galilea very much , I am hugging her very tightly because they are attacking her very badly * and she does not deserve it either, “said the actress.

The controversy began after, during a press conference where Consuelo Duval mentioned that the presenter of Hoy will join the group of friends from Unicable , for which he hinted that they do not have a close relationship.

At that time, she added that just as Natalia Téllez, Paola Rojas, Daniela Magún and she are already friends, Galilea will become part of her circle and surely the public will be able to see them enjoy their anecdotes in an environment of trust.

Consuelo was also happy because the host joined the program, but she asked the public and the press to stop the attacks on her new partner , because surely now that she will expose her personal life, the criticism of Galilea could be worse.

For her part, Montijo mentioned that one of the things that excites her most about being part of this project is that all her colleagues are women with whom she feels identified.

” I am excited to work with women mops , with women warriors, who are finally mothers, of different flavors, colors, but with one thing in common, that we are hard workers , “said Montijo.

In addition, she was excited that finally she will be the one to talk about her own life. For this reason, she also assured that she will only say her “net” because she does not want to hide details.

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