Chiquis Rivera showed off her maddening curves in a beautiful purple dress that perfectly fit her curvaceous figure, leaving all her followers in shock, who, fascinated by her beauty, went to the comments section to leave her a purple heart for the nice garment.

For a few days, the “queen bee” has not stopped being a trend on social networks due to all the effort she has put into her musical career since she released her most recent album and scheduling dates for the tour that would come with her project, as well as having appearances on television, as well as being close to all her followers by being more active on her accounts.

However, in one of her most recent Instagram posts, Chiquis Rivera would look like a pretty princess wearing a spectacular purple dress, very elegant, full of glamour, adjusting perfectly to her new waist, leaving the more than five million people who are watching the famous singer speechless.

In four different photographs it would be how the 37-year-old artist would show off how good she looks in that fabric, some ostentatious accessories kept her company to show off her beauty at its best, as well as earrings hanging from her ears and shiny rings posing on her gloves. .

Her brown hair being a heart attack in an impressive straightening, the eldest daughter of the Diva of the band shared the images starring herself via Instagram, who headed the description with several purple hearts, as well as thanking all the people who helped her so that her look would look impeccable, as well as the stylist, the person who helped her choose the style of the dress, even the photographer, attaching the profiles of the same social network.

Chiquis Rivera recently appeared as a guest judge in one of the broadcasts of the talent show that is under the name of The academy standing next to Alexander Acha and sharing many stories to let her followers know what her experience was like being in the place.

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