Since 2017 the interpreter has not pleased his fans with unreleased music

It was last March when in the official account of Luis Miguel on Instagram a message was published in which the singer’s achievements on the platform were presumed Spotify. In the post shared on the first day of March, the artist became known as the first Latino to have more than 266 songs with more than 1 million views on said platform.

Undoubtedly an unprecedented achievement for the admired performer, but it has been until today, August 1, five months later, that “movement” was recorded in Luis Miguel’s account leaving some of the 2.3 million people who follow him on the photo social network in suspense.


There are 266 songs by Luis Miguel that have more than a million streams on the platform

Surprisingly, the interpreter of It will be that you do not love me He jump-started his activity by sharing a story, sparking excitement and sparking speculation among his audience. The image in question It is a very similar photograph probably made in the same photo session, to that of that last post of the artist.

Wearing a black suit and shirt and a scarf, you can see the Sol 52 years old posing in profile and outlining a slight smile with his hand on his face. This studio photograph also does not match the image that the interpreter wore when recently captured in the company of some influencers in a restaurant in Miami, and where shone for looking rejuvenated and with less weight than on previous occasions.

the recent instastory of Luis Miguel has caused a stir because the artist is not very adept at social networks, and his sporadic publications refer to his achievements as a performer in relation to records and releases, but never to his personal life, as is his custom.

The photograph where Luis Miguel did not make any announcement or write any text left the door open to speculation, because after the successful Luis Miguel: The series the singer has not shown signs of preparing another project, although it is said that He has been selecting the songs for months that would have to be part of an unpublished album.

With his new appearance, the possibility remains open that the singer is “preparing the ground” to return to the music scene, after since 2017 louismi He has not released new material, which his unconditional fans yearn for so much.

For now, it is unknown if Luis Miguel has plans for new releases or even a tour. About the little that is known about him in recent months is that resides in Miami, Florida and he has been seen on a couple of occasions in public places having fun, however and as always, the artist keeps a low profile thus maintaining the mystery of his personal life that pays so much to his legend.


In early July, Luis Miguel was captured in Miami, in the company of beautiful women

Although he has not released new music, the artist has given something to talk about in the sentimental field, since it is currently rumored that he started a flirtation with the Spanish dove caves with whom he allegedly spends the summer in the European country.

And it is that according to those versions, the famous singer would be going out romantically with the ex-wife of the matador bullfighter Henry Ponce. The question becomes peculiar since Paloma and Enrique are godparents of Miguel Gallego one of the children that Luis Miguel fathered alongside Aracely Arámbula, so now the singer of Under the table he would be romancing who his comadre is.

Cuevas, who is a fashion designer for the firm Rosa Clara remained attached to the bullfighter for 24 years, whom Micky met in 2003 in Acapulco, thanks to Miguel Alemán Magnani, who introduced them to the port.

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