Chiquis Rivera sends a powerful message to accept the data-sizes of our body

Chiquis Rivera sends a powerful message to accept the sizes of our body

Every Monday there is a new episode on his show”Chiquis & Chill” where she touches on different issues that are important for society, or as it is a very intimate space for Chiquis Rivera, topics that she feels comfortable talking about, now, the title of this new podcast is “embrace our bodies”.

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

As the artist herself says at the beginning, it is a very complicated matter for all women due to the unattainable beauty standards that have been imposed on us and, above all, the social pressure that we have to be a certain way or a certain size, even her mother Jenni Rivera put a little pressure on them because that’s how she was educated and that’s why not even the interpreter of “Queen bee”Not even her sister Jenicka (who was a guest on this episode) judges her.

Chiquis Rivera confessed to love her mother, however she admitted that it created in her and Jenicka a trauma regarding their bodies, about taking care of the food they put in their mouths, going to the gym creating real pressure on it, so much so that they still deal with it for it began to also affect the opinion of others about the number of her size.

Before we start talking about parenting Band Diva clarified that she was not commenting on it to create hatred against her, they simply told how her experience was and how this whole war against her body began, as well as self-esteem, however, she also wanted to send a powerful message:

“Thanks to her I can put up with all the horrible comments I get, I really appreciate her, but it’s not the right thing to do, that’s why it’s important that we’re talking about it right now so that all the parents who listen to us take good care of the way we talk. who address their children because they form a very important part of their lives”




Chiquis Rivera and her sister continued narrating situations that they experienced regarding their weight and, above all, the pressure that the people around them put on having an opinion about it, even making them feel that their physique was bad:

“The way you talk to yourself in the mirror has a lot of influence,” said Chiquis on her podcast.

Both women are curvi and now they embrace their bodies, they also show them with great pride because they assure that they maintain a healthy life and that is why there is no reason to feel ashamed of them because there is no correct size for beauty.

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