Who is Charlotte Caniggia?

Charlotte Caniggia, an Argentine model who transitioned into a reality star, shot to prominence as a participant in the fourth season of the esteemed reality competition show, Gran Hermano (Big Brother). Additionally, she graced the screens in the Italian reality program, L’Isola dei Famosi (Celebrity Island).


Inaugurating her journey into the realm of reality television, she made her debut in the captivating dance competition show, Bailando por un Sueño (Dancing for a Dream), in 2012.


With an impressive presence on social media, Charlotte Caniggia boasts a substantial following of over 2.7 million devoted fans on Instagram and continues to garner attention.


Hailing from Buenos Aires, she is the daughter of the revered retired football legend, Claudio Caniggia. Her mother is none other than Mariana Nannis, and she shares sibling bonds with her brothers, Alexander and Kevin.

Charlotte Caniggia has candidly shared insights into her intricate family dynamics, asserting, “We are a complex family.”

Charlotte Caniggia’s Journey to Reconciliation and New Roles as an Aunt and Uncle

Having distanced themselves from Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul Caniggia, the twins, Charlotte and Alex Caniggia, find solace in their newfound roles as aunts and uncles, relishing the arrival of Venezia, the daughter born to the host of Los Desconocidos de Siempre (El Trece) and Melody Luz.

For quite some time, their bond with their parents and even their other brother, Kevin Axel, has been strained. However, the recent addition to the family seems to have sparked a sense of reconciliation within the media-centric household.

When approached by a mobile phone operator from A la tarde (América), Charlotte exuded immense joy, sharing, “I am truly elated, brimming with happiness. I am set to appear in the Bailando, and that fills me with excitement. Being an aunt is a delightful experience, and I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting the tiny, adorable baby. I already adore her,” expressed Caniggia with a radiant smile, her eyes shielded behind chic Barbie-style sunglasses.

“With the whole family I am very well, luckily,” he added in relation to the bond he maintains with Alex, Melody and the baby. “Sofia, your dad’s wife, said they are happy that they are grandparents,” the notero pointed out to her. “Oh, I hope so. It’s a blessing to have a baby in the family and we’re all very happy,” Charlotte said. “Were you surprised that your dad didn’t say anything but Sofia did? Do you believe that comment?” the journalist insisted. “I don’t know, I don’t want to give my opinion. But while my brother and I are happy? I think we are the only family left in this family”, she defined in this particular way the state of the family situation.

“My mom I don’t know how she is, I don’t talk to her much. But yes, we are all very well”, remarked Charlotte while admitting again that she has not been in touch with her parents for a long time. “The bond with her is good, it’s good. I don’t see much of my parents but at least I have my brother and that makes me very happy,” she reiterated. And she made it clear: “I don’t have much of a relationship with my parents and it’s all like that. And besides, I don’t want to talk about them”.

On the other hand, she denied that she had been kicked out of the Faena Hotel, the place where the Caniggia family used to live every time they moved to Buenos Aires. “I haven’t lived at the Faena for years. And as far as I know, Alex wasn’t kicked out either,” she clarified. “I’m hearing a lot of things, but no, nothing to do with it. We’re all fine, luckily. This is quite a problematic family, but luckily now there is peace,” he characterized.

In that plan, he said that all the Caniggia “we are trying to heal the family bond and we are going to achieve it. It is very important to do so. There are very complicated families but we have to try to heal things”.

When the reporter wanted to know what she thought about the court case against her parents -the former Argentine National Team player is being prosecuted for aggravated sexual abuse, a crime that can be punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a minimum of six-, Charlotte simply said: “I don’t want to talk about my parents’ cases, it’s not my problem”.

Finally, the mobilero asked her how things were with her partner, Roberto Storino. “I’m very happy, very well. But I don’t want to tell you more,” she said with a giggle. That was the cue for a last question, about the rumors of an alleged corporate link between her boyfriend and Fernando Pérez Algaba, the businessman who weeks ago was found dismembered. “I heard something about that, but my boyfriend had not been friends with him for years,” Caniggia said.

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