Johanna Fadul announced that she will open a page with adult content: “Working in television is quite unstable”.

“There’s always someone who says: ‘you have to make a big deal to sell’, and nothing to do with that, I show what I want”, she said in this regard

Colombian actress Johanna Fadul revealed that with her team she is working on the creation of a website where she will be uploading exclusive content.

According to what she revealed, it will be about ‘sensual and suggestive’ photos and videos to which only those who pay will have access. According to what she said in an interview with the gossip and entertainment program of Canal Uno, Lo sé todo, this is a new alternative to have more economic income.

Johanna Fadul Reflects on the Unpredictable World of Television and the Power of Social Media

“Working in television is quite unstable. You finish a project and it is to start again from zeroes, casting again, the same protocol of the first time is always going to be the same. Social networks have become our number one source of income and have always been there is no lack of those who say, you have to empelotar to sell and nothing to do, I show what I want,” said Johanna.

“What I want to show is because I feel confident to show it. We decided to create my exclusive content for people who want to see it, things that are not going to be on my social networks. We decided to create a website exclusively for that content. It’s my personal page where I’ll put together what I want to share with the people who decide to be in this community,” she said.

According to her, it is not an OnlyFans account, she is not interested in that and, in fact, she does not even have the application downloaded to her cell phone. At the moment, Fadul resides in Mexico with her husband, actor JuanSe Quintero.

Johanna Fadul remembered her deceased daughters with a tattoo in their honor.

Johanna Fadul and Juanse Quintero

Johanna Fadul and Juanse Quintero. Photo: Instagram @johannafadul

In 2015, Juanse Quintero and Johanna Fadul were expecting to become dads. Two girls, twins, named Antonella and Anabella, were on their way, however, they passed away when they were in their seventh month of gestation. Eight years after that dramatic moment for the Quitero Fadul family, Johanna decided to get a tattoo in honor of her two daughters.

“Today I decided to get my babies tattooed. Although I carry them in my soul, now I want them on my skin… A&A, they awakened in me what only women can feel: being a mother”.

Johanna Fadul Opens Up About the Loss of Her Twin Girls Five Years Later

Five years after the death of the two girls, in 2020, Fadul spoke about what happened on the program ‘Hoy Día’. “One reaches a point in pregnancy when you start to feel the babies, that the doctor tells you: from here on you have to feel every day, the day you don’t feel it that’s an emergency. That day, Juanse was working and he left super early every day, he arrived almost at night and that day I woke up and I didn’t feel them… I called the head nurse who was attending us and I told her: Today I didn’t feel the babies,” she said.}

The nurse in question gave her some instructions to provoke the babies to move, but all to no avail. So Fadul went to the hospital for emergency care. After a check-up was performed, everything seemed to be in order, but she was allowed to return the day after for another, more precise examination. When the Bogotá native returned to the hospital, the doctor told her that her daughters were in bad shape.

“They did an ultrasound and took a picture of their brains and it was very painful to see how one of the babies had a small tree, a complete stroke. Then the doctor told us: I have to operate on Johanna, I am going to try to save one of them, but I think it is very difficult”, added Juanse Quintero. However, in the end, neither of the two babies survived.

In 2021, Fadul was again questioned about the loss of her daughters, but this time in a dialogue with Laura Acuña for her YouTube program. During this interview, the actress recalled the shock she felt with the situation, but how she managed to overcome it all.

“I was already seven months along. I had a natural childbirth and having them complete, perfect, but sleeping was like juepucha… a pregnancy that was not wanted, but that came, and when that moment arrives everything becomes: the focus is on them, to have them in the best possible way, and this situation comes and it’s like the world falls apart and now what, what’s next after this if all my focus was on them? … what I got from that: OK, this happened to me, but the world goes on and I can’t stay in pain, in sorrow… clearly one goes through the process, one lives through it, but one has to overcome it and move on”.


Johanna Fadul, a renowned actress, has garnered significant acclaim for her compelling performances in acclaimed series such as Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso and Noches con Platanito, showcasing her exceptional talent. With an impressive presence on social media, she commands a dedicated following of over 6 million on her johannafadul Instagram account.


Embarking on her acting journey, she made her notable debut in the television show Parents and Children back in 2003, captivating audiences with her promising skills.


Adding to her accolades, she has showcased her acting prowess on the silver screen, starring in the captivating film Mom Take the Soup.


Johanna Fadul’s partner is none other than the esteemed actor Juan Sebastián Quintero, forming a dynamic pair in both personal and professional endeavors.

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