Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía are set to reside together in the opulent mansion that was formerly shared with Shakira. This lavish abode sits on the outskirts of Barcelona, nestled on a mountain—the very place where the talented barranquillera spent her early days of motherhood.

In early May 2023, the social media landscape erupted with the release of captivating photographs featuring Clara Chía inside Shakira’s Esplugas de Llobregat residence. Subsequently, rumors abound that the young and distinguished PR specialist from Kosmos has embarked on a mission to erase all traces of the bygone years of Shakira’s relationship with Gerard Piqué.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía would live in the same house he shared with Shakira


However, Spanish media have pointed out that the story took a turn due to recent information indicating that the couple Piqué – Chía would live in the mansion located in the mountain, where the interpreter of Music Sessions #53 spent her first pregnancy. According to Diez minutos, the relationship seeks to strengthen even more with this decision, as it is going from strength to strength.

Although the couple already lives together in a small apartment in Barcelona, owned by the ex-football player, their new love nest is a villa in the countryside outside the Catalan capital, where Gerard Piqué and his young girlfriend could enjoy the privacy they need. Additionally, the property is located away from the stormy movement of the city, close to the beach and has an infinity pool, large windows and a soccer field for training.

The luxurious mansion in which the Catalan lived with Shakira in the early years of their relationship is located in the Cambrils sector, more than 19 kilometers from the capital of the Province of Catalonia. Even, Spanish journalists who have closely followed the separation of the Spaniard with the Colombian, pointed out the ignorance that the mansion continued to be owned by Pique.

And the fact is that after moving to Esplugas de Llobregat, the businessman kept the house in Cambrils for rent. Also, it has been said that the Colombian would have ceded all the properties that were in his name in Barcelona, with the only condition that the Spaniard would allow her to move to Miami with her children, away from the comments and to resume her career as an artist.

It is worth remembering that one of the phrases that Shakira used in the session with Bizarrap showed the possible intentions that the Spaniard had for his young couple to live together in the same house where they were for years: “I’ll unoccupy you tomorrow / And if you want to bring her to you, let her come too”.

Clara Chía in Esplugas de Llobregat

The images of Clara Chía, who decided to remain silent before the insistent cameras of the paparazzi that surround her, indicate that Piqué has finally made her the new mistress of the mansion of Esplugas.

“Dazzled and amazed with these photos. Without the paparazzi spotlight and in her most intimate intimacy. The most beautiful Clara that has been seen, without a doubt”, reads the description that the Catalan’s fan account has made to the two images in which Clara Chia appears dressed in a cream-colored jacket, a cap and wearing her blonde hair loose.

The young student of Advertising and Public Relations poses happy and unsuspecting in front of the camera that, without being confirmed, could be of Gerard Piqué.

The Spanish press has pointed out that, from what can be seen of the place in the photo, it is evident that Clara Chia was photographed in the former home of the Pique-Mebarak family. It is the terrace of the mansion, not the balcony where Shakira, some time before leaving, placed a witch looking at the house of her in-laws, but on the large upper terrace with a view.

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