We know very well that our beloved Mexican artist, Celia Lora, the famous daughter of Alex Loravocalist of the legendary rock band El Tri, for which she sometimes presents us with some photographs that surprise her audience and also other Internet users who are barely getting to know her.

This time the famous decided to pose for the camera and show off her beauties from a very unusual place, sitting right in the lounge of an airplane, very well accompanied by two of her best friends who also dedicated themselves to showing off a bit, taking advantage of the situation.

Quickly her friends and classmates Reality show They came to comment on the handsome men that the 3 look like, as well as the followers of the Influencer who really enjoy the content that she shares with us, although of course for them her favorite content is the one that she makes forgetting about her outfit.

So far the piece of entertainment has managed to gather thousands of likes and will probably continue to increase until it has many more, the model loves being able to stay in direct communication with her audience and constantly seeks to communicate with them through her stories.

At the moment she is promoting an event that will take place in Isla Mujeres, taking advantage of her popularity to make this information known to as many people as possible, an expert Influencer doing his job.

Celia Lora also produces other important content, recently collaborating with the rabbit magazine on the cover for the Mexican version, which by the way they printed, despite the fact that everything has been handled digitally for a few years.

But she also has other great news to share with us, she will be the first Mexican model to participate in a cover for the version of the rabbit magazine in the United States, something practically historical that will remain recorded in this industry, she has become a great representative of Mexico and will surely continue to accumulate more and more achievements.

To finish, it only remains to invite you to follow and enjoy the best content of this model and many of her other companions, as well as to find out the best news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and much more.

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