Gerardo Fernandez Norona, deputy for the Labor Party (PT), he complained again on his social networks of the delay in one of its flights that would start from Mexico City International Airport (AICM) “Benito Juarez”.

As expressed through your account Twitterthe controversial legislator planned to move to Durango in an aircraft aeromexico, which had to postpone its takeoff for the delay in supplying the aerial vehicle with gasoline.

“Now we carry 45 minute wait in the AICM because the pipe has not loaded the Aeroméxico plane with fuel”, he wrote in his account in which, in addition, he again attacked “the saboteurs” of the Philip Angeles International Airport (AIFA).

It should be remembered that the objective of promoting the construction of the Santa Lucía megaproject was to weigh up the saturation of the Benito Juárez, which was reflected in flight delays, cancellations or (in recent times) airspace incidents.

Despite this – and just over two months after its inauguration – the Felipe Ángeles still reports low influx, well the few routes offered by the three national lines and the only international only represent the 1.5% of daily arrivals and departures of Benito Juarez.

Under that tenor, Fernández Noroña criticized the airlines Well, he asserted, these are the ones that refuse to move to AIFA despite “the barbaric saturation” of the capital’s port.

“The Aeroméxico pilot comments that the delay is due to the tanker not arriving to refuel at AICM; which is not attributable to the airline. Yes it is, because they refuse to use the AIFA despite the barbaric situation of Benito Juárez”.
It should be noted that just last May 23, the PT member had also complained about delays in a Viva Aerobús flight that would take him to Guadalajarawhich arrived two hours late “My participation was scheduled at 11 in the morning. I will arrive, if things are going well, at 11:30 at the airport, ”she posted.

The remarks about the saturation of the AICM and, with it, the criticisms of the air space intensified after the incident of May 8 last, when two airplanes Volaris were at risk of collision after a controller cleared one of them to land on the runway where the other aircraft was already.

As a result, the Federal Government announced that it would begin an investigation to determine the cause of the accident, headed by elements of the Navigation Services in the Mexican Air Space (SENEAM); as part of these, it was accepted the resignation of Víctor Hernández Sandoval to the ownership of said institution.

However, on May 12, a second incident was reported after a plane from Aeromexico perform the “go-around” maneuver due to the impossibility of landing on runway 05 due to the delay of a United Airlines, from Los Angeles, United States (USA), to evict.

Said altercation was confirmed by the Mexican airline itself, which clarified that this strategy was carried out in accordance with national and international security protocols.

Faced with the accusations, the president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)ruled out that users are at risk when moving through airspace.

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