Cecilia Galliano forgot her problems with Gomita and supported her in the complaint against her father

Cecilia Galliano forgot her problems with Gomita and supported her in the complaint against her father

For some years between Cecilia Galliano and Gomita there have been frictions because both have made statements against the other due to the bad experiences they lived during the Sabadazo program , however, today the Argentine expressed her support for her former partner in her complaint against her father for domestic violence .

Cecilia Galliano and Araceli Ordaz , better known as Gomita, were conductors of Sabadazo , along with Omar Chaparro and Laura G , but when the program came to an end, different stories arose about mistreatment and alleged robberies that would have taken place during the recordings, from So it is known that the relationship between the drivers is very bad, but that has not been a reason for Sebastián Rulli’s ex-wife to show her support for Ordaz.

Galliano assured that even if Gomita was her enemy, she would be willing to help her if she can. In addition, he congratulated her for having had the courage to expose the alleged mistreatment of her father and invited the women to denounce the violence.

“I don’t have, I think, I don’t know any enemy, and if I did and I would say ‘I need this’, I would do it without thinking. You have to support . Whoever needs help, has to ask for it, and whoever asks for it, we have to give it, “he said for Hoy’s cameras when asked about her former partner.

“What I can say is that violence is obviously wrong, it’s okay if you talk about it. It’s okay because you have to speak up, you have to denounce the people who do that because I believe that as they say ‘ the brave exists until the coward wants ‘ ”, he finished her message.

And it is that on October 11, Araceli denounced her father Alfredo Ordaz Barajas on social networks , who allegedly beat her when she tried to protect her mother, Elizabeth Campos. As the presenter explained, that would not have been the first time she suffered from domestic violence, but she did want it to be the last.

Gomita has since shared that she and her mother are in a safe place outside their home, but she continues to fear for their integrity.

The beginning of the conflict

The friction between Cecilia Galliano and Ordaz began in 2014, when the Argentine lost a ring that Mark Tacher had given her in the middle of the Sabadazo broadcast .

Galliano directly accused Gomita and hes brother Lapizito of having stolen the ring, as he assured that after what happened, Araceli began to undergo different surgeries and Fredy had bought a truck.

In addition, Cecilia pointed out that there is a video with which she verified that it was they who stole her ring, however, her version has never been verified.

“Sabadazo” ended between different accusations by the presenters that have been revealed over time

For her part, Gomita has repeatedly blamed the Argentine and Laura G for having violated her in different ways, such as the teasing they made about her physique and the pillows that were given within the program.

According to Ordaz, everything would have started because within Sabadazo they began to give it more importance and space, something that the presenter would not have liked. The situation would have worsened when he returned to the program with different operations.

Despite the fact that Araceli supposedly would have preferred to keep the discussion private, due to the seriousness of the accusations, she thought about suing her partner . As time went by, the relationship worsened as each one kept her version of events.

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