Andrés García uncovered his romance with Anel Noreña

Andrés García uncovered his romance with Anel Noreña

The ex-wife of José José and the heartthrob of fictional movies joined their hearts; This was revealed by the veteran actor

Andrés García , one of the leading men of Mexican cinema, has also been characterized in his personal life by having a large number of women on his list of conquests : that with the fame of Don Juan as the veteran actor, many of them did not want to continue with their relation.

García now surprised his followers by uncovering through a video on his YouTube channel one of his best kept secrets and about which nothing was known: the actor of tapes like Kisses, kisses and more kisses revealed that in his young years he had relationships with various women, since it was not very easy for them to put up with the way the actor conceived relationships.

“In my relationships, I do not agree to keep the woman persecuted and watched about what she does and where she goes. When you leave the house, what you do is up to you, when I leave, what I do is up to me, “said the actor in his video.

One of the women who “fell into the nets” of Andrés, who is currently living on his property in Acapulco, was Anel Noreña, the ex-wife of the late José José.

García had a fleeting relationship with the former model, however, he achieved a better “role” by acting as the cupid who introduced her to the Prince of Song . And the fact is that the actor’s “libertarian” way of thinking about relationships would have disinterested Anel, whom he described as a very beautiful woman.

Upon learning of García’s thoughts, Anel asked him to better introduce him to his friend, who by then was beginning to emerge in the middle. “(She told me) Look, Daddy, you have hundreds of women, and I have a great time with you, but I want a man for myself. Help me. I would like you to introduce me to a friend of yours who interests me and that I know that I am going to take him and that I am going to marry him ”, recalled the heartthrob of the famous ficheras films of the 80s.

“Who of my friends is it? José, by right told me. And José was starting to make himself known, don’t think he was the millionaire José, he was starting to sing, to earn money and I said ‘How not’ “

“I introduced Anel to José, the reality was that Anel was a girl and now she is a very beautiful and charming lady, she was always happy,” he added regarding José Joel and Marysol Sosa’s mother.

“Orale, as long as you are happy I will present it to you,” he said then. However, the final crush did not come immediately because at that time José José married the socialite Natalia Kiki Herrera Calles, granddaughter of the former president of Mexico Plutarco Elías Calles . Some time later, when José had already separated from his wife, Anel returned to look for Andrés García, this time determined to conquer the singer of La nave del forgetfulness for good.

“ He has been married to Kiki for two three years and suddenly they divorce and here comes Anel to look for me again : ‘Papacito, he divorced José. I want you to get closer to José because I know that I will tie the relationship again, ‘”he recalled and explained that by then about 10 years had passed.

The singer was presenting a show at La Terraza Casino: “The best of the best and the worst of the worst met there. I had come from making a movie, Cuchillo , I was playing a Sioux Indian, I was wearing skin-colored canvas pants, I had just arrived from Durango, where the film was being made, when Anel looked for me, “he recalled.

Then García attended a presentation of the concert accompanied by Anel and put them back together: “I introduced her and she actually married him, I think they were very happy for a while. Then she and José got divorced because of the things that all couples go through, ”said the actor.

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