When he was little he was taken to Spain by his father to live with him while his mother claimed that he had been taken away from her. Heir to an immense fortune has not yet found his destiny

On September 8, 2019, thousands of people were saddened by the news of the death of Camilo Sesto . Flowers, photographs, letters and even some vinyl records began to be piled up at the door to pay tribute to the voice of unforgettable ballads such as Something about me , Forgive me or The love of my life. In social networks, messages to remember him multiplied, from those who affirmed that they had fallen in love or made love with his background songs and those who asked to start filming a series recounting the artist’s life.

It is enough to read a short biography to discover that the request for a bio series could not be more than successful. Camilo Sesto was known for his spectacular voice that was recorded forever in more than 40 record productions that reached 70 million records sold. He was the man who in ’75 became Jesus Christ Superstar. The adolescent who at age 16 with the group Los Dayson appeared at weddings and baptisms and the young man who when he was summoned for the film Los Niños del Preu premonitory assured in one of his scenes: “I will be famous, I will record records that will be sold for millions”. He was not wrong. In 1971 he recorded his first album and in the following decades he produced almost one a year. His romantic themes conquered the Spanish but also all Spanish speakers.

In the mid-seventies he became an idol of the masses, especially for the young girls of the time, who filled his concerts and waited for him for hours at the doors of the theaters. On stage his dedication was total, but in his private life he handled himself with secrecy. He was hardly known for relationships, neither female nor male, and the rumor of his homosexuality haunted him.

They spoke of relationships with Andrea Bronston or Maribel Martín but it was only known with certainty of a woman who occupied his heart for a short time, the Mexican Lourdes Ornelas, mother of his son Camilo Michael , born in 1983, and origin of one of the most controversial episodes of his life.

Until Camilo’s birth, the news of the singer’s love affairs was inversely proportional to the number of songs recorded. For this reason, the day he got off a private jet at Barajas airport with Lourdes by his side and a baby in his arms, the shock was total. Until that moment, all the media ignored the existence of the Mexican woman and especially that son. Not a photo, not a rumor, not the slightest leak of data had reached the newsrooms.

Weeks later, Sesto made the “official presentation” of his partner in a Spanish magazine specializing in royalty. “14 years ago she was a fan of mine. From a fan she became a friend. From friend to close friend. From a close friend to an eternal friend. And now he is an indispensable person in my life “ , he declared then and added that his son was” the fruit of love “and of his immense desire to be a father at 37 years of age. “I already have my son, and I don’t want to hide it for a second, I don’t want to hide what my happiness is,” he explained to make it clear “ I’m not going to get married . Everything is very clear and very explained between the mother of my son and me ”.

For a time, Camilo, Lourdes and Camilín (whom his father humorously nicknamed Camilo Séptimo) lived together in the singer’s mansion in Torrelodones, about 30 kilometers from Madrid . The couple did not work out and she decided to return to Mexico with her son. Sesto asked for full custody of the minor and for him to return to Spain to take care of him. “Even on the line of my hand it is written that I was going to have a child. And I have it, ” Camilo said emphatically.

According to Vanity Fair magazine , “The boy lived his childhood away from his mother, something that caused him very hard moments in his adolescence, when he had to go through several depressions for this reason. Years later, Camilo Jr. confessed that his father did not prevent him from seeing his mother, something that she came to assure on more than one occasion. ‘If my mother could not be with me when I was little it was due to the financial difficulties that happened at that time. She had the freedom to come, maybe not the economic power. ‘

Camilo Jr. grew up between two versions. A father who claimed that his mother had allowed him to stay with him and a mother who claimed otherwise. He became a shy and introverted boy who barely moved in interviews with his father. Teenager decided to return to Mexico, not only did he want to spend more time with his mother, he also wanted to launch himself as a singer and knew that with his omnipresent father it would be very complex.

Since then, father and son kept in touch but saw each other very seldom. “It is impossible to reach Camilo, but not from now, from many years ago . There are many filters, if you call they hang up on you, and he receives the information totally deformed by the interests of that person. The information to Camilo will come to him as this person is interested. Never leave me in a good place, ”Lourdes denounced in a television interview.

“They are making fun of me and my son, taking advantage of Camilo. Camilo is very ill, he looks like a doll in the hands of these guys, he no longer has the will, “added Lourdes, adding that it seemed that the artist was kidnapped.

Lourdes’s statements angered the singer, who sent a note to the television space and threatened to take “the necessary legal actions against everything that is spoken in the media without any rigor . ” He assured that his environment only sought to protect him, and he was “perfectly”, with no one to control him.

Despite the estrangement, Camilo Jr. always spoke with admiration of his father as an artist. It even transpired that, in February 2019, he asked for help and legal advice to request the divorce of a young Swiss woman with whom he had married in Mexico a short time before.

The strange relationship with his son deteriorated the hitherto impeccable image of Camilo Sesto. He stopped transcending his songs to have to go out to deny rumors about his disappearance or illnesses. There was so much talk about him that he went so far as to affirm in an interview: “ I’m neither admitted, nor am I dying; I’m tired and fed up… why do they publish those lies about me? ”.

Among so many rumors, one piece of information was true. In 2000 he underwent a liver transplant and after a rejection of that first organ he had to undergo surgery again the following year, which left him in a fragile state of health. In addition, the cosmetic surgeries were transforming his beautiful face into another little recognizable and with a doubtful expression.

At the beginning of 2019, it was learned that Camilo Sesto had returned to the hospital due to kidney failure. On September 8, a statement from Twitter announced his death.

“Dear friends & friends. We are very sorry to inform you that our great and beloved artist Camilo Sesto has just left us. Rest in peace, ”the tweet announced.

The news, spread on the artist’s personal account, was confirmed by Ornelas and his son, who thanked his father for inspiring his musical career. “Some of me dies too. Thank you for teaching me to love music, ”he wrote on Facebook.

Then began a new chapter in the fictional life of the Spanish artist. After his death there was talk of a “confrontation” between his representative Eduardo Guervós, his administrator Cristóbal Hueto and his son Camilo – managed at all times by his mother, Lourdes Ornelas – because of the distribution of the inheritance. But the singer of Perdóname had left everything very well tied. Imagining that this could happen, and despite speculation, he named his only son as his universal heir.

The fight was not for a small amount. At stake was the Torrelodones mansion, several lands, a villa in Las Rozas, an apartment in Marbella, a checking account of several million and, above all, 400 registered musical themes that generate, in terms of copyright, around 500 thousand euros per year.

After the death of his father, Camilo Jr. settled in Torrelodones. Although his father always kept his privacy shielded, within weeks he drew the attention of the media for a sharp deterioration in health due to his problems with alcohol consumption. He appeared on the streets of Madrid, disoriented, without a cell phone, and without documentation.

In August 2020, Camilo starred in a video in which he was seen drunk. “You can hear me fart, but I’m not so bad … I’m having a big drink in his favor,” says the musician in the audiovisual broadcast from his Instagram account. Since then, the singer who recently released Tributo a mi padre kept a low profile on social media.

Despite the fact that the superstar’s will stipulated that his son was the universal heir to his assets and according to TvyNovelas magazine , the musician’s administrator and executor, Cristóbal Hueto , and Camilo’s representative, Eduardo Guervós , decided that the singer’s son stay away from the inheritance because “they want him more prepared and with values ​​before giving it to him.”

With the same secrecy of his father, Camilo Jr. never agreed to interviews to talk about his life as a son, although he authorized the transfer of some of his father’s objects for the creation of a museum in his honor. They say that all you want is to lead a more anonymous life and limit your public exposure. Perhaps that is the way to close this chapter of your life, even if you know that it will surely not be the end of the story.

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