The collaborator of ‘Save me’ has publicly congratulated the couple

This morning we woke up with what is probably already the most unexpected news of 2021. And it is that according to exclusively reveals the magazine Hola, Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario expect their third child together and it will be in July 2022 when they welcome the new member of the family.

An unexpected pregnancy not only for the couple, who confesses happy and super excited, also for the cuore world. And one of the first to react to the news has been the former bullfighter, Belén Esteban.

As Chance reveals, with the best of her smiles and making it clear that she has nothing to say about it, the ‘Sálvame’ collaborator has publicly congratulated Ubrique’s, with whom she has no relationship:

Congratulations to the family first. I have nothing to say, darling. All I have to say is congratulations and that’s it.

I congratulate because in a family when a baby comes it is a joy and I’m not going to say anything else,” she added to said medium, without wanting to reveal whether she already knew the news or found out from the greeting magazine or how her daughter Andrea has taken the news that she will soon have a new baby brother: “I am not going to say anything about that subject, as you will understand”.

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