It has been Carlota Corredera who has announced that the second part of the docuseries of Rocio Carrasco is about to be broadcast on Telecinco. And although there is no specific date, it is known that it will be from December 9 when news will begin to be reported on what will happen in this second part of the documentary, which is entitled “In the name of Rocío”, which many say will be released as early as 2022.

“After the bridge, this program will communicate news that has to do with the docuseries, fresh, much desired,” said Carlota Corredera, referring to “Save me.” “We will say things that are going to happen. In “In the name of Rocío”, which is Rocío Jurado the biggest, great things are going to happen”. She added.

This is what we know, for the moment, of the second part of the docuseries.

According to the trailer, recorded in Chipiona, the land where Rocío Jurado was born, the docudrama will have “the greatest” as the main character.

Taking into account that her daughter had not been there for 14 years, this second part will include images of him walking the streets where she was so happy with her family when her mother lived.

Rocío Carrasco, in Chipiona, during the recording of 'En el nombre de Rocío', the continuation of her docuseries.

Rocío Carrasco, in Chipiona, during the recording of ‘En el nombre de Rocío’, the continuation of her docuseries.

There has also been talk of some papers that the singer had in her house and that Carrasco has in her possession as she is the universal heir. Something that it has cost her a lawsuit from her sister Gloria Camila, who wanted to know their content before they were released on television as she was also the daughter of Jurado.

But her claim has been dismissed and the content of that paper that Rocío gave to the court and that she never wanted to do it is unknown. Many say that it has been encouraged by her father, Ortega Cano, who apparently is going to be the most affected in this second.

There will also be references to why Rocííto does not speak to her brothers, Gloria Camila and José Fernando, and why she broke all relationships with her uncles Amador and Gloria Mohedano, along with her husband José Antonio and, finally, Rosa Benito, who, although has supported her in recent weeks, will also be one of the names that resonate in these new chapters.

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