The couple has taken advantage of their trip to visit their great friend, the supermodel Esther Cañadas

Ricky Martin and his husband, Jwan Yosef they have enjoyed a romantic getaway to Madrid. The couple has taken advantage of this trip for work reasons for the Puerto Rican to go sightseeing, and of course, to reconnect with their friends.

As revealed by their social networks, the couple has stayed at the luxurious Ritz hotel, from where they have taken the opportunity to visit some of the most famous museums in the Spanish capital with actor Alfonso Bassave and Puerto Rican artist Daniel Duboy.

Who could not miss in this “Madrid reunion” has been the model Esther Cañadas, to which Ricky Martin has dedicated a post on Instagram.

“My wonder heroine, my single wonder woman. What a wonder! I love you friend.” Ricky published showing off his friendship with the top model with beautiful images that reflect how special Esther is for him and his husband, with whom she maintains a close relationship.

A three-day express getaway in which they have had time to reconnect with friends, enjoy an unparalleled cultural plan and taste the typical gastronomy of our country, which ended this morning, when Ricky and his partner traveled in a van with tinted windows at Madrid Barajas airport, where they have taken a private flight to The Angels, where they reside, to be reunited with their two children, Lucia and Renn.

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