The actress, who celebrates her birthday today, recently retired from the stage

The actress Concha Velasco turns 82 today. The veteran and award-winning performer opens a new life away from the stage, to which she said goodbye last September.

Her retirement from her profession is not the only recent change in this Valladolid woman who began her long professional career at the age of 15. In addition, Concha Velasco has moved from home to be closer to her children, Manuel and Francisco.

“She is going to move house so that she is even closer to my brother Paquito and me, also to her grandson and her dog. So that this transition towards the golden retirement that you deserve is more accompanied by us,” one of her sons recently affirmed to the “Vanitatis” portal.

Currently, the artist lives away from controversy also after some statements in which the bad economic situation she was enduring was reflected. “I have sold a cutlery for 50 euros to pay for the pharmacy”, she stated during an interview with “El Norte de Castilla”.

The actress Concha Velasco poses in front of the Arriaga theater in Bilbao. EFE / Javier Zorrilla.

The actress Concha Velasco poses in front of the Arriaga theater in Bilbao.

It was then that her son Manuel qualified his words. “It is her way of speaking, she lives well and does not have any financial problems.”

He wanted to emphasize that his mother had a good pension thanks to all the years of contributions in the profession.

“It is not true that my mother does not have money or lives badly. My mother is still working on a play and she has a wonderful pension that she still does not receive because she is still working.”

Concha Velasco said goodbye to the stage in September, when she was interpreting the play “María’s room” written by her son Manuel. Before announcing her retirement, in August her son pointed out that she is not prepared to have nothing to do. She has been working non-stop since 1959.

In addition to participating in more than eighty films and being part of the cast of successful series such as “Cable Girls”, “Velvet”, or “Personal Motives”, Concha Velasco received the Goya de Honor in 2012 and the Medal of Honor of the Circle of Cinematographic Writers in 2009.

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