Angela Aguilar turned 19, and along with it she wanted to show her fans a change in her image. Through her Instagram account, she published some photos in which she presents a black look consisting of leather pants, top and boots. She also highlights her hair, because on this occasion she decided to wear it wavy.

The Mexican singer also modeled a more casual outfit while traveling by plane for another of her professional commitments; The celebrations didn’t stop her from hosting her own hit show in San Jose and Salt Lake City. She was accompanied by her pet and even showed off some brand bags.

Autumn is the favorite season of the year for Angela Aguilar and she let it be seen in some photos she shared on Instagram and that they obtained more than 255,000 likes.

She posed in the garden of her house, looking very relaxed in jeans, a white top and a fleece jacket. The message she wrote next to the images was: “Autumn begins: I automatically”.

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